REVIEW – Dishonorable Love by Savannah Stewart

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Title: Dishonorable Love
Author: Savannah Stewart
Release Date: July 21, 2015

Dishonorable Love


Love, Loss, and Lies.

My name’s MacKenzie Cole and what I thought was a simple loving life with my husband, Sergeant Thomas Cole, was anything but that. After his death during a raid overseas I learned that our life together was full of twists and turns that would send me into a whirlwind of trying to figure out the truth behind all of the lies.

When Thomas’ partner from the Marines, Sergeant Julian Cooper, comes into my life it begins to unravel everything that I used to know and pushes me to make finding the truth my number one priority. But the more time I spend with Julian, the harder it becomes to ignore the attraction that I have for him that is burning stronger than anything I felt for Thomas.

Is it possible to overcome the deceit Thomas left me with on my own, or will Julian be the person to pull me from the ashes so that I can start living again?

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Dishonorable Love is one of those books that you go into thinking one thing and come out feeling totally different. I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this story but it turned out to be so much more than just a military widow finding love again. This story was overflowing with emotion as it examined relationships in many forms. Julian and MacKenzie were a great pair and I enjoyed watching them navigate their new reality. The unexpected web of lies, painful secrets, and maddening deceit that unraveled in the aftermath of death gave Dishonorable Love that something extra to keep me absorbed in the story. Julian and MacKenzie’s journey was an ideal balance of romance, mystery, and suspense that made Dishonorable Love an enjoyable and enthralling read.

“Ever since I had discovered Thomas’ deception I felt like I was bleeding out in the ocean with sharks surrounding me, but my time of being prey was over; I wanted to be a damn shark.”

MacKenzie and Julian were both forced to define a new normal after Thomas’ death and Savannah Stewart definitely put them through their paces as they traversed the long and painful road of grief and loss. The resulting character growth was beautiful. The healing process was very much a two steps forward, one step back kind of thing, portraying the grieving process in a heartbreakingly raw and incredibly genuine way. Julian was the perfect mix of protective alpha and endearing sweetheart. The way he allowed his relationship with MacKenzie to develop slowly and his continual understanding of her inner turmoil had me falling for him hard. I loved breaking down this complicated man, discovering his personal heartache, and watching him learn to trust, love, and accept the happiness he deserves.

“Yes, the pain was in fact there… but a different kind of pain was mixed in with it. Like two separate cans of paint swirled together to form a completely new color, but each hue still visible if you looked closely.”

Savannah Stewart impressed me with the character development of MacKenzie. She was one of those characters that you just feel. I found myself connecting with her emotions even in situations I couldn’t personally relate to. Yes, she was an absolute hot mess with the death of her husband and the secrets and deceit that revealed itself afterwards. But even as the war that was waging between her heart and her head gutted me, she exhibited a quiet strength that grew into the deafening roar of a survivor as the story progressed. Her transformation was reflected in her relationship with Julian as their unassuming connection turned into an undeniable sexual tension and eventually explosive chemistry.

“Could I have a love that burned so fiercely it would never go out? Was that a true possibility?”

Dishonorable Love flowed easily, moving at a pace that allowed me to experience the characters’ feelings and still keep me excited by the unfolding plot. I had a few questions about some of the military details, but they weren’t major issues or vital to the plot. This story really did a great job at keeping me on my toes, with the smallest of incidents holding greater significance later. I managed to unravel most of the mystery by the time the truth was revealed, but Savannah Stewart still had some tricks up her sleeve, making a couple connections I couldn’t have predicted. If you love unraveling secrets, heart-wrenching emotion, scorching chemistry, and falling in love then Dishonorable Love is the book for you!


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