RELEASE DAY REVIEW – The Reeducation of Savannah McGuire by Heidi McLaughlin

Reeducation of Savannah McGuire

Title: The Reeducation of Savannah McGuire
Author: Heidi McLaughlin
Release Date: July 21, 2015

Reeducation of Savannah McGuire


Tyler King never forgot the blue-eyed, pig-tailed girl that lived on the ranch next door. So when he hears that she’s coming back for the summer, he can’t wait to reminisce about the good ole days. He soon finds out life in the Big City means a life with big ambitions and Tyler soon learns that Savannah has left the memories of small town living long behind her.

Savannah McGuire never thought she’d return to the ranch she once called home. Now she’s back and trying not to become attached to everything she’s missed by growing up in New York City. Determined to hate her surroundings, Tyler works to remind her of everything’s she’s missed. With her future planned out and a trip to Paris imminent, falling in love with Tyler King was the last thing she expected.

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With The Reeducation of Savannah McGuire, Heidi McLaughlin has written a sweet, southern, new adult romance that epitomizes young love. Heidi perfectly captured the feeling of uncertainty and the need for self-discovery that defines the end of high school and the transition into adulthood. Savannah and Tyler were a cute couple, revitalizing a friendship that began as children only to find that their feelings had evolved into something completely different. I liked the chemistry Heidi cultivated between these two. I chuckled at their initial encounter, enjoying how much time had changed them both, further proving their need to relearn one another. Despite the space between them time had created, their connection was immediately evident and it showed itself throughout the story in various forms including hostility, lust, and longing. Their familiar banter gave their relationship an ease that allowed for a feeling of authenticity, making this couple easy to root for and honestly relatable.

“I know I can play this two ways: I can go over and kiss her good and proper or I can pull her pigtails like I used to back when we were running amuck and walk out. Neither will protect my heart and the reality of the situation is that she already owns it.”

Heidi was great at balancing Savannah and Tyler and their very different dreams. They each had to give a little and there were times where it hurt my heart, but they also remained true to who they were and what they wanted; for characters in the new adult category, that’s an easy thing to lose. There were times when their relationship felt rushed and I would have liked to have seen more of their history and the development of their friendship and inevitable feelings in order to establish a sense of rekindling instead of that insta-love feel. We get brief remembrances of their childhood together but a few emotionally significant scenes could have given Savannah and Tyler a more solid foundation. Watching Tyler and the rest of the family stripping away Savannah’s protective layers of attitude, defiance, and acquired haughtiness filled my heart with warmth as she fairly easily fell back into life with her Aunt and Uncle. I loved seeing their support and unconditional love for her. It gave this story a sense of completeness and belonging that anyone can appreciate.

“His lips are soft, inviting and everything a first kiss shared between two people should be, except this isn’t what I want. Any type of first kiss should be met with lightening and fire.”

I adored the storyline of this book, appreciating Savannah’s desperate need to spread her wings and figure out who she is and what she wants. It was easy to understand how significantly her world had shifted since leaving Texas and Tyler’s determination to get through to Savannah and find the girl he’d grown up with was incredibly sweet. I’d hoped for a little bit more out of the ending, and while I understand the reality of where Savannah and Tyler were at in their lives and can appreciate the authenticity of the situation, I guess I was waiting for fireworks (or at least an epilogue) to give this couple the resolution they both needed. The task of reeducating Savannah and Tyler and opening their eyes to the world around them wasn’t always easy but Heidi McLaughlin managed to pack their journey full of sincere emotion and delightful humor. Overall, The Reeducation of Savannah McGuire is a quick read that felt fresh, youthful, and full of promise. This is one southern, summer romance that is undeniably sweet.


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