RELEASE DAY BLITZ – Private Property by Anie Michaels


Title – Private Property
Author – Anie Michaels
Publication Date – July 11, 2015
Series – The Private Serials, #4

Private Property


I met the woman of my dreams when her husband paid me to sleep with her.

I won the woman of my dreams when I proved to her I wasn’t the man she believed me to be.

Now, I plan on keeping the woman of my dreams by ending her husband, once and for all.

I’ve done some terrible things in the past, but this will be my darkest deed.

Regardless, if Lena is still by my side at the end, it will all be worth it.

Private Property_1

Bs Review

Private Property is the perfect conclusion to the Private serials. Anie Michaels gives readers some much-needed peace of mind, finally addressing the situation with Derrek and moving our lovely couple forward in their relationship. Preston and Lena face their uncertain future, not knowing where they’ll settle, but content in the bliss they’ve found in one another. I adored the unbridled affection between them, reveling in their newfound freedom to love each other. Without the secrets between them, they became unrestrained, sending the heat factor up several notches and giving us plenty of steamy to enjoy with all the sweet. This novella was full of surprises, moving this story forward in a way that felt easy and natural. Anie Michaels once again kept me completely enchanted by Preston and allowed me to lose myself in the twists of this story.

“She needed someone to help her and I’d be damned if it was anyone but me. In that moment she became my exclusive property.”

While we really got to know Lena in the last novella, Private Property gives us an in-depth look at Preston. Anie Michaels drags this delicious specimen into the spotlight, letting us really see him clearly for the first time. His relationship with Lena and the way he constantly made her his priority revealed the genuine and tender heart beneath the lies and mistakes he had made. His relationship with his twin sister, Piper, introduced another side of Preston, demonstrating the extent of his protective and loyal nature along with his true capacity for unconditional and lasting love. Anie Michaels did an incredible job with the development and growth of Preston in Private Property, making me fall in love with him a little bit more.

“It’s good to finally feel as if the people in my life don’t need me for anything, but want me for everything.”

The storyline in Private Property was unexpected. I was waiting for the inevitable confrontation with Derrek, but I could not have predicted the manner in which that would occur. Anie Michaels is full of surprises, giving this novella a suspenseful turn that kept me hooked. Preston and Lena’s mission was incredibly revealing of this couple. The situation they find themselves in put their kindness and compassion to the test and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them handle things. Private Property also got me pretty excited about Piper. Her place in this novella was much more significant and just the brief glimpse we got of her tells me that she has a story to tell. Her closeness with her brother warmed my heart while her raw emotions tugged at something inside me, connecting me with her. She was truly a bonus to this fantastic serial. With Private Property, Anie Michaels has written a conclusion to Lena and Preston’s story that was everything I’d hoped for and then some!


Private Property_2

Cs Review

I’m torn between absolutely adoring Private Property by Anie Micahels and being so upset that Preston and Lena’s story is now over. This novella had everything that I could want in a novel – a dose of romance, a little bit of the steam factor, suspense, and wonderful character transformation. I’ve loved the entire ride, but this was definitely the perfect ending to their story.

“I’ll allow you to get lost in me, so long as you promise to let me find myself in you.”

There is something so flawless in the way that Anie Michaels brings her characters to life. As a reader, I came to feel everything in such a personal way. Watching Lena grow and come into herself was paced perfectly over the course of the series. She was no longer a lost wife searching for something more; she morphed into an independent, fierce woman to contend with. Her counterpart, Preston, was absolute perfection in Private Property as well! I may have fallen in love with him earlier in the series, but he proved to be beyond any and all expectations here. He bordered on that protective, dominating trait that I love, but it was blended so well with this soft, nurturing side. I developed such an attachment to watching these two mature and grow together over the series, which made Private Property that much more rewarding.

“It’s good to finally feel as if the people in my life don’t need me for anything, but want me for everything.”

Turning that final page in Private Property was one of the most bittersweet moments in a book I’ve experienced in a while. I will be the first to admit that I’ve been one of those readers who avoids the novella series or serial reads. However, I can say with certainty that I would have been kicking myself if I didn’t jump on the Private serials right away. Each novella has a natural break, but one where the reader will be curious as to what will come next. This final piece brought everything together and satisfied all of my curiosities. Now I’m just hoping that I get to see some sibling love in the future, Anie Michaels!


Private Property 1

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Author Bio

Anie Michaels is the author of the Never series, The Space Between Us, and the Private Serials. She started writing her first novel in June 2013. When she is not reading, writing, or spending time with her family, you can find her spending time with her close friends. Anie lives in Portland, Oregon, with her family.

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