REVIEW – UnKiss Me by Dawn Martens

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Title: UnKiss Me
Author: Dawn Martens
Series: Angels Warriors MC #1
Release Date: February 23, 2015

UnKiss Me


After spending years suffering abuse at the hands of her father and protecting her baby sister, Eden Blake takes a chance. She calls on the Angels Warriors MC asking for protection just months before her father is to be released from prison. She never expected that call would bring her face to face with her past.

Jasper ‘Angel’ Hughes, President of the Angels Warriors MC, battled his way to the top. He fought his way through hell, cleaning up the mess that was once Satan’s Law MC. Wanting to serve a better purpose in life he took on the role of child protector. Protecting them from their hellish lives and getting them away from their abusers. When he gets the call to protect Eden, the first girl he ever loved, he vows to win her back and never let her go again.

But when a new secret comes to light that Eden was hiding, will they get their Happily Ever After?

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I jumped into this book because I have no doubt that Dawn Martens knows her way around MC men. I was excited to see what she had planned for this trilogy and I’m happy to report that this book was a fun read! UnKiss Me had me feeling hard as I experienced the grief, anger, fear, passion, and vulnerability that seeped out of this story. UnKiss Me is a very quick read and the story progressed rapidly. However, the well-explained history between the characters prevented things from feeling too rushed. I enjoyed the fresh take Dawn Martens had on the MC world, the Angels Warriors MC members being more than just a bunch of outlaws. The storyline spans the entire series, and Dawn carefully wrote every twist and turn to make sure readers were hooked and desperate for more.

“I know what you’re keeping secret. You need to tell him. I won’t say shit, because trust me, I have secrets too.”

This story centers around a group of friends who have known each other since they were children. Jasper, Eden, Mason, Hilary, Vinny, and Lilly all have me totally intrigued by their dynamics. Each couple has a completely different feel to them and I’m anxious to find out more about them as the story progresses. The boys are absolutely yummy, while the girls have that undeniable bond of lasting friendship that makes it impossible for the reader not to care about them. Eden was a great heroine, strong and protective despite being so broken by her own past. There were a few character inconsistencies that I had a little trouble reconciling, but overall the characters were solid and relatable.

“You’ll be mine again, Eden. Don’t even deny it. This cat and mouse game, though it might be fun, it’s not gonna last for long.”

Dawn Martens has packed a lot of feeling in this one and you’ll definitely be riding the highs and lows of this story. I found myself rooting for this group’s happiness and distressed by the events that unfolded around them. There is also an element of suspense that has me itching to read the next book. By writing in several vague and unsettling chapters, Dawn has me so curious to see where this story is headed. The mystery only augments this already interesting story, ensuring that readers will return to unravel the war that seems to be brewing behind the scenes of the Angels Warriors MC. UnKiss Me was fast, fun, steamy, and full of angst, claiming my attention from the very beginning and holding me hostage until the final page. Anyone who appreciates the MC romance genre will certainly enjoy this book and undoubtedly the rest of the series.


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