REVIEW – Lead Him Not Into Temptation by M.L. Steinbrunn

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Title: Lead Him Not Into Temptation
Author: M.L. Steinbrunn
Series: Redemption #2
Release Date: September 19, 2014



Jennifer MacLauchlan is not who you think…

I’m damaged, but not destroyed.
I’ve been betrayed, but I remain loyal.
The only people I love don’t know the secrets I hold. They wouldn’t want me anymore if they did.

Casen Thompson refuses to acknowledge the world that left him behind…

I may be tattered, but I’m not torn.
I’m trusted by many, but I have faith in very few.
My love for music and the desire for the family I never had is the glue that holds my shattered soul together.

When these two volatile personalities collide, a firestorm of emotions erupts forcing both to face the fears that keep them from everything they have ever wanted. Secrets are unearthed and forgiveness is tested as Jen struggles to accept that Casen might be everything that could fix her.

Will Jen trust herself enough to truly lead Casen into a temptation that he can’t walk away from?

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Lead Him Not Into Temptation is Jen’s story and it was pleasantly unexpected. Jen is a ball-buster, constantly pushing men’s buttons and enjoying fun without attachments. While, I knew her attitude and ferocity came from somewhere, a protective mechanism of sorts, I couldn’t have guessed the truth behind her sass. When Casen comes onto the scene, things heat up quickly as their stubborn natures create a relentless friction between them. Casen has a story of his own that made him the perfect match for Jen, and I loved getting to know him and the rest of the band. Carly, Campbell, and Lakin continue to keep me totally intrigued, hoping that their stories are headed our way soon. M.L. Steinbrunn also allows us to check in with Vivian to see where her relationship with Brooks has taken them, rounding out Jen’s story with the feeling of family that this series is so great at delivering.

“He’s not like me. He isn’t hiding; he’s not afraid to truly be with someone. He hasn’t restrained his heart to protect it from the whiplash of love. No, Casen is nothing like me.”

M.L. Steinbrunn really caught me off guard with Jen’s character as she unraveled this kickass lady over the course of her story. Everything I loved about Jen in the first book stood true. She was confident, fiercely protective, and unwaveringly loyal. She also happened to be scarred, incredibly vulnerable, and haunted by her past. The depth of this character and the cracks in her armor became more apparent as the book moved forward, deepening my connection to Jen and allowing me to relate to her sincere pain. M.L. Steinbrunn did an amazing job with how she carefully crafted each layer of this character, allowing readers to see her flaws and fears while maintaining her unbelievable strength. She came to life with Casen, their relationship making both characters tangible in a very genuine way. Casen is probably BBF perfection. The tattooed rocker with a beautiful heart, amazing patience, and indisputable kindness stole me away. His own dark past, which made him humble and appreciative, only made me love him more.

“As safe as I feel with Casen, there is a danger there. He has the power to be everything I never thought I would want, as well as the power to crush what’s left of me. To let him in would be risking myself.”

Jen and Casen are both stubborn, preferring things to go their way and unaccustomed to complications. When these two willful personalities collide, the heat that M.L. Steinbrunn generates is absolutely scorching. They pushed each other right up to the edge, making this story surprisingly hilarious. Their witty banter, entertaining bets, and endless innuendos had me grinning and added some much needed levity to their story. Their journey met some unexpected detours as the truth about their pasts and their meddling friends intervened, leaving me completely hooked to this book. M.L. Steinbrunn stirred up an entire spectrum of emotion from me with Lead Him Not Into Temptation, easily relaying the characters’ heartache and fears to the reader. The end of the book felt a little rushed, as their story progressed in time, but M.L. managed to keep me grounded with the additional gut-wrenching surprises she had up her sleeve. Lead Him Not Into Temptation was a great addition to the Redemption series and it is definitely one I would recommend to anyone who loves a good dose of angst, sizzling chemistry, and flirtatious banter.


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