REVIEW – Forgive Us Our Trespasses by M.L. Steinbrunn

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Title: Forgive Us Our Trespasses
Author: M.L. Steinbrunn
Series: Redemption #1
Release Date: March 9, 2014



How long would you wait to be with the one that you love? How much of yourself would you hide in order to keep them?

Brooks knows the moment he meets Vivian that he will do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it means leaving her. Running from his past, he spends the next decade trying to forget the shattered heart that he left behind.

Is there any betrayal worth the cost? Are there some sins that cannot be forgiven?

After a lifetime of rebuilding the walls guarding her heart, Vivian confronts the harsh reality that some fortresses are not meant to stand. Winding through a gray fog of disappointment and deceit, she must conquer her deepest fears to accept the love she believes she is too unworthy to have.

As the paths of these two battered hearts cross once more, together they seek redemption for their sins. However, when the secrets of their pasts come knocking on their door, forgiveness and love will be tested, and they will be forced to answer the question: “When the lies run out, will the truth finally set you free?”

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses is so much more than a love story. This book is a journey of strength, friendship, and ultimate redemption that has left its indelible mark. Vivian’s story spans a period of ten years, during which time we get to see her grow, fall in and out of love, experience loss, and find forgiveness. M.L. Steinbrunn managed to sweep me away into Vivian’s world, captivating me completely with the emotional weight of this story. Forgive Us Our Trespasses is full of vibrant characters, whose solid friendships and unconditional love really make this book something special. I felt every step of Vivian’s journey deeply, consumed by M.L. Steinbrunn’s carefully crafted plot, endearing characters, and meaningful words.

“You’re a tornado, Brooks. You slam through women with little regard for what happens to them afterwards, and it’s obvious that she has not been on the tail end of that destruction yet. But at some point, she’ll feel exactly the same as I did once.”

Since this book follows Vivian from the time she is a young adult in college to ten years later, we get to see an extraordinary amount of growth from her. M.L. Steinbrunn has thoughtfully orchestrated this character’s evolution, integrating each piece of her story into Vivian’s personality and feelings. Each wall built is in response to an experienced hurt, each crack in her armor a result of glimpsing love. Vivian was genuine and impossible not to love, making sure I was fully invested in her happily ever after. Brooks overwhelmed me, tying me up in knots over his mistakes only to unravel me with his sweetness before adding another knot. I understood Vivian’s dilemma, experiencing the whiplash and resultant doubt that came with hurricane Brooks. I was never sure if I wanted to kiss him or kill him but somehow he still stole my heart.

“I have scars on my heart that you will never begin to understand, but make no mistake, they don’t make me weak. They make me strong enough to love you. They make me want to love you more fiercely than anyone will ever be able to love you.”

The best part of this book for me was the fierceness with which Brooks and Vivian loved each other. M.L. Steinbrunn created a connection that was undeniable and unavoidable, sparking with even the tiniest bit of friction. Not only was the physical chemistry scorching, but M.L. somehow brought this ferocity to their emotional connection as well, giving them that feeling of being absolutely fated for one another. Even though I figured out the hidden truth of this story at the same moment Brooks did, Forgive Us Our Trespasses continued to keep me hooked. Even with the knowledge of what was coming, M.L. Steinbrunn kept me on my toes with the unexpected twists and emotional turns of this book. My head is still reeling from everything I felt while reading, the anger, sadness, and joy lingering beyond the final page. Forgive Us Our Trespasses is a must read for anyone who believes in second chances and the ability of love to deliver true redemption.


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