REVIEW – Killer by Clarissa Wild

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Title: Killer
Author: Clarissa Wild
Series: Stalker #0.5
Publication Date: June 16th, 2015
Genre: Dark Romance (18+)



This is a prequel to the Dark Romance Standalone STALKER.

Some secrets are meant to stay hidden …

Secrets could kill you. My husband is the prime example.

I’m a trophy wife. Someone’s prized possession, just there to be pretty. My dreams were pushed aside for his. Until one fateful night, one chance encounter, all his dirty secrets were exposed.

And then my supposed husband is killed.

I should be sad, but all I feel is anger. My husband is a lying, cheating bastard. And if that isn’t bad enough, I’m now the prime suspect for his murder.

Only his brother believes I’m innocent, and in his support, I find relief. However, I will find the real killer and bring him to justice … before he tries to end my life too.

WARNING: This book contains strong language, explicit situations, and disturbing content.


One of the things I’ve really come to love from Clarissa Wild is the complexity of her plotlines. Somehow she succeeds in always keeping me guessing and shocking me with unexpected connections, all while managing to keep me completely engrossed in the story. Despite it’s short length, Killer is a prime example of this skill. This novella is such a great prequel to the full-length novel that will follow. Clarissa introduced the characters, giving us a brief look into their backgrounds, while firmly cementing the complicated relationship between Vanessa and Phoenix. The tension she built between these two positively simmered and I can only imagine how it will boil over with the events that occurred at the end of Killer.

“What we did was unspeakable, loathsome, and we did it anyway. There’s some sort of dark bond between us now, something invisible that I can’t explain or even put to words. All I know is that we share something that no one else at this party can even fathom. Something primal, something vicious. Something evil.”

I’m totally intrigued by Phoenix, wondering what makes him tick and why he seems so familiar with Vanessa. He’s an enigma wrapped in a mystery and I’m dying to unravel this complicated man. Vanessa on the other hand settled in my mind as a stereotype, before completely breaking that mold and showing herself to be a bit of a badass. The inexplicable connection between Phoenix and Vanessa gave their encounters an intensity that served to fuel the fire growing between them. The revelation at the end threw me off kilter, making me anxious to read the rest of their story and discover their truth about their connection. Clarissa Wild has certainly managed to hook me with this novella, leaving me more than ready to fully experience Vanessa and Phoenix later!


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