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Title – The Consequence of Loving Colton
Author – Rachel Van Dyken
Publication Date – April 21, 2015
Series – Consequence, #1

The Consequence of Loving Colton


It’s all fun and games…until someone’s heart is broken.

They’re not kids anymore, but Milo Caro is certain that Colton Mathews will only see her as his best friend’s little sister for the rest of their lives. After all, he made that clear the night before she left for college. But four years later, her brother is getting married and Colt’s the best man—and guess who is the best man’s last-minute date?

Milo vows to use the wedding to either claim the smoldering firefighter’s heart or douse this torch for good. When Max—her best friend from college, who may be carrying a torch of his own—crashes the party, they devise a plan to make Colt see what he’s missing. But after Colt catches on, he decides to cook up his own revenge.

Now it’s personal. Colt and Milo are at war, and between Max’s questionable acting methods, an unfortunate trip to jail, and a maniacal fiancée, what could possibly go right?

Consequence of Locing Colton_1

Bs Review

As an author, Rachel Van Dyken may be the most versatile writer I’ve had the pleasure of reading. There’s nothing she can’t conquer, continually slaying me with her emotional angst, delicious suspense, and quirky humor. Sometimes all at once. The Consequence of Loving Colton is romantic comedy at its best. I grinned, chuckled, snorted, giggled, and laughed out loud at the antics of Milo, Colton, Max, and Jason. Their sarcasm, witty banter, and unfortunate mishaps colored this vibrant and hilarious story. Rachel infuses just the right amount of heart into this story, giving the reader something genuine and significant to hold onto. While I wondered about the future projection of the story and attempted to decipher the feelings and history that connected the characters, I was enchanted by this effortlessly entertaining book. The Consequence of Loving Colton is one of those books that will leave you feeling all of the warm and fuzzies when you’re done.

“I’d rather be on the receiving end of a black eye from you – than the receiving end of a kiss from another.”

I adored the unique and unexpected storyline that Rachel Van Dyken delivered in The Consequence of Loving Colton. What seemed simple quickly turned somewhat complicated before eventually becoming outright pandemonium. The surprises and unexpected twists in the story are what kept me riveted to Milo and Colton’s journey, anxiously waiting for the next humorous or shocking moment. Rachel did a fantastic job with Milo’s voice. She had a unique flair that totally had me wanting to be her best friend. This story had everything I adore and then some, supplying all the drama and unrequited feelings you could wish for. One of my favorite things about Rachel Van Dyken’s humor is that it is always relevant and contemporary, filled with pop culture references, current social trends, and burgeoning stereotypes. The Consequence of Loving Colton hooked me from the start with its unique sparkle and irrefutable reality that is navigating love and friendship in the new adult world. I will definitely be staying tuned for more of these delightful characters!


Consequence of Loving Colton _ 2

Cs Review

Oh boy, where do I even begin to write this review? The Consequence of Loving Colton by Rachel Van Dyken is a sweet, hilarious romantic comedy that pretty much had me clutching my stomach the entire time. It is an over the top, slapstick series of unfortunate events. This first novel in a new series introduced readers to loveable characters with witty dialogue, insane circumstances, and one of my favorite literary tropes – falling in love with the brother’s best friend.

“I’d rather fight with you, bicker with you, every damn day of my life than have nothing at all.”

Every single character, whether primary or secondary, left an impression on me as a reader. Milo was your quintessential little sister who had a relationship with her older brother that any sibling could envy. I loved that they were best friends and even through their teasing, that was obvious. She was this strong-headed, feisty little thing and I couldn’t help but relate to her. There were so many times that I wanted to smack Colton though! However, there were also these epic moments of explosion that were unforgettable. The tension would get to be so thick that I could feel the build-up, and it made me love those heated exchanges even more. I’m already anxious to see the secondary characters in future novels. Max, Jason, Reid…they all deserve their dose of happily ever after – even through a rocky road to get there!

“I’m selfish enough to want any piece of you – even if it’s the bad, the ugly, the ridiculous.”

My only drawback with The Consequence of Loving Colton was how similar it ran to Rachel’s previous work, The Bet. While I felt that the writing, characters, and dialogue were so elevated from the previous novel, unfortunately the storyline was too similar for me. I would have liked some unique aspect that I wasn’t expecting rather than the formulaic romance depicted by Colton and Milo. From a crazy grandma, to the fake engagement, to childhood best friends, it just didn’t feel original. Furthermore, there were times toward the end where I had to start rolling my eyes because the events just kept coming. While I love the comedic aspect of the story, I also like a degree of believability.

“So even if you hated me, I’d still die a happy man – because I’d still be on your mind.”

The Consequence of Loving Colton by Rachel Van Dyken is an excellent palate cleanser type of read. It’s light and funny, and overall just served as an elevated level of enjoyment for me. I have no doubt that readers will fall in love with the characters and ache for more. I highly recommend giving this sweet love story a click, but be prepared. It’ll have you laughing your tail off at all the crazy antics of the family!



Consequence of Loving Colton


“What the hell is wrong with you?” Max gave me a tender shove. “We were fine until you started stepping on my foot and elbowing me!”

“You were hitting on my mom!”

“She’s a beautiful lady!” he argued.

“Oh, my gosh.” I fell into one of the chairs and moaned. “This is a catastrophe.”

“Not true.” Max shook his head. “You just have to be more believable. I mean, would it kill you to find me screw-worthy?”

“Screw-worthy? What does that even mean?”

“That’s it.” Max grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall. “Where’s the bathroom?”

“Uh . . .” I pointed.

With a jerk he had me in the bathroom under the stairs and closed the door. Words and sounds were coming out of his mouth but I couldn’t make anything out. Max pushed me against the door and pointed his finger in my face. “I’m going to kiss you, damn it, and you’re going to like it. And I’m going to take off my shirt and you’re going to manhandle me, and you’re going to stop being so damn nervous or so help me God I’m going to bend you over that sofa in the living room and spank your sexy ass.”

Shocked, I was paralyzed in place. “Where did that come from?”

“Inside.” Max looked at me and smirked. “I have lots of feelings and I’m sick and tired of you looking at me like I don’t have a penis. I may be used to your innocence but for my own pride at least try to be attracted to me. Now close your damn eyes.”

“Stop cursing at me.”

“Stop being difficult! I’m trying to help you. And stop squirming. Shit, take a Xanax or something.”

“Max.” I closed my eyes and huffed. “This isn’t going to—”

My hand was on something hard.

I blinked my eyes open.

Since when did he have a six-pack?

I tilted my head, you know, to get a better look. His skin was really smooth but bumpy, each muscle defined so much that there was enough of a ridge for my hands to play with.

“Oh, look, he’s a man after all,” Max said, sounding bored. “I’m not your sexless friend. I’m not your damn brother. I’m not your gay friend. And I sure as hell am not thinking about anything right now except that your hands feel really good against my skin. So I’m going to kiss you, and you’re going to respond like the idea of my mouth on yours doesn’t make you want to cry—and you’ll like it.”

“I’ll like it,” I repeated.

“There’s my girl.” His eyes flashed, and then he was kissing me again, only this time his body was on fire as it pressed against me. I felt every ridge of his abs; the length of his body was beyond devastating.

Consequence of Loving Colton_3

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Consequence of Loving Colton 2

Author Bio


Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing journey at

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