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Title: Never Too Late
Series: Willow Creek #2
Author: Micalea Smeltzer
Release Date: April 21, 2015

Never Too Late Ebook Cover


I’d never met anyone quite like Mathias Wade.

He was brooding and arrogant, but I loved him anyway.

Together we were wild and uncontained—a hurricane raging.

Then I had to leave, and words were exchanged that could never be undone.

But now I was back, and Mathias better watch out, because this bitch wasn’t finished with him.

Game. Set. Match.

All is fair in love and war, right?

Mathias Wade, the lead singer of Willow Creek, is used to getting everything he wants. Except for Remy Parker—the one that got away. Childhood friends that grew into more, Remy was the one constant in his life until she moved away. In anger, he lashed out and broke the only girl he ever loved. With temptation around every corner Mathias drowns his sorrow in women and alcohol. When the band returns to their hometown for the holidays the last thing Mathias expects is to run into Remy—but she’s back, and she’s not done with him.

Remy never forgot Mathias or the pain he caused her. When she moves back to the place she grew up to take care of her ailing grandma her heart is set on revenge. She’s determined to make Mathias fall in love with her all over again—only this time she’s going to break his heart.

But Mathias never stopped loving Remy—and she soon discovers that her feelings haven’t disappeared either.

Can two people too stubborn for their own good overcome their own demons and find the love they always deserved?

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Mathias’ story is finally here! After meeting Mathias in Maddox’s book I was dying to get to know this jilted man. I wanted to hear his story, to experience the heartbreak that had jaded him so completely, and maybe even see someone break through his walls. Micalea Smeltzer delivered all of that and more in Never Too Late. The reappearance of Remy, the girl who broke Mathias in the first place, promised a story bursting with vulnerability, hesitancy, regret, and inextinguishable attraction. As feisty as they are individually, Mathias and Remy are an absolute force of nature together. Each page of their story was burning with the inimitable energy between them, making their journey addictive and unforgettable. The familiarity between Remy and Mathias had me invested in their happily ever after in no time, knowing with absolute certainty that it wouldn’t be an easy road to get there.

“We were too much alike. Both of us were like fire—loud, all-consuming, and willing to burn anything that got in our way.”

Mathias was so different from Maddox in the first book, so I was definitely curious to see how Micalea Smeltzer would develop this character. The rough, cynical twin was everything I thought he would be and so much more. With Remy back in his life, his anger and resentment towards her is unleashed completely. Micalea made sure we didn’t just see his strife, but felt the deep pain behind it. I began to understand Mathias and even relate to his emotional upheaval, connecting me with him unexpectedly. Micalea crafted an electric current between Remy and Mathias that sparked and sizzled with every word exchanged and touch offered. Their journey was the perfect reflection of who these two characters are: messy, loud, and impulsive. When things between Mathias and Remy were bad, they were really bad, but when things were good they were absolutely explosive.

“I wanted Mathias more than I wanted my next breath. We were made for each other. They might say opposites attract and never to fight fire with fire, but neither of those things applied to us. We defied the laws of the universe.”

I love the concept of getting a second chance at love. It’s one of my favorite storylines so I enjoyed Never Too Late immensely. The added twist that neither of them were the people they once were and the completely different directions their lives had taken only made this story more heart wrenching and brilliant. I was on edge as Remy held on to her secret, and I was constantly nervous about Mathias’ reaction. When all was revealed, I wasn’t disappointed. The effect of Remy’s secret on their relationship tugged at my heart and filled me with overwhelming emotion. We also get to see more of Emma and Maddox in this book, along with Hayes and Ezra (whose story I’m desperately needing ASAP). Micalea Smeltzer balances the heavy emotional undertone of this story with a new character, Remy’s grandma, a hilarious and brazen presence that spoke her mind and gave Never Too Late some much needed levity. I loved every second of Never Too Late and I’m so excited about the direction Micalea is taking this series in. Bring on the rest of Willow Creek!


 Never Too Late_3


I jumped up on the counter and he moved to stand in front of me, bracing his hands beside my hips. I kicked my legs against the cabinets like a little kid as he stared down at me intensely. I wasn’t sure what he was looking for in my eyes, but he must have found it, because he cupped my cheek and leaned in.

“This feels like when we were younger,” he whispered. “Like no time at all has passed.” His words echoed my previous thoughts.

I closed my eyes, feeling his breath fan across my lips.

God, I’d missed him.

It didn’t seem possible to miss someone I’d grown to hate, but I did.

I was pretty sure that when someone like Mathias came into your life they were impossible to forget.

He was like the sun, burning so bright that even once he was gone I was still blinded.

“Did you ever miss me?” I asked. “Even once?” I held my breath, waiting for him to explode—because that was Mathias. He could be nice one minute and an asshole the next. I wouldn’t put it past him to kick me out for my question.

Instead he surprised me by leaning in impossibly closer and nuzzling my neck. “Always.”

Never Too Late_2

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Author Bio

Micalea Smeltzer

Micalea Smeltzer is a bestselling Young and New Adult author from Winchester, Virginia. She’s always working on her next book, and when she has spare time she loves to read and spend time with her family.

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