RELEASE DAY BLITZ – Private Getaway by Anie Michaels


Title – Private Getaway
Author – Anie Michaels
Publication Date – April 7, 2015
Series – The Private Serials, #3

Private Getaway Cover


Lena never anticipated the man she fell in love with would betray her, but she found herself alone, in a hotel room, having walked away from her marriage with nothing but one hundred thousand dollars in debt and an affair that turned out to be a sham.

There was only one thing she could do.

Get away.

On the idyllic beaches of Hawaii she sought peace, reflection, and a new beginning.

But a new beginning meant new challenges and new relationships.

Would she ever grow to trust after everything she’d been through?

The only place she felt safe was her own Private Getaway.

Private Getaway_2

Bs Review

Lena and Preston’s story continues in Private Getaway with Lena fleeing town with her broken heart on the first available flight. I was nervous to find out where this volume was headed and incredibly anxious to see how Lena’s character would continue to develop. Anie Michaels hit the nail on the head with this one, keeping us securely locked in on the crazy rollercoaster ride that is Lena and Preston’s story. We meet several new characters that breathe life into Lena’s new world and prove to be integral parts of her journey. They were great additions to the story, giving us another perspective on both Lena and Preston, adding to the growth of these characters. Anie does answer some critical questions in this book, but leaves room for further development of the story in a way that was satisfying and promises future excitment.

“Any remaining thoughts or memories that painted him as the man I’d fallen in love with needed to be erased, abolished. I couldn’t remember the way it felt when his traitorous hands were on me. Couldn’t think about how my heart had fallen for every poisoned word he’d said.”

Anie Michaels didn’t hesitate to put Lena through her paces, continuing to challenge her to reconcile emotionally with Preston’s actions. She also gave Lena an incredible strength in this novella that allowed her story genuine hope. I adored seeing Lena working to stand on her own two feet and I loved that her resolve never wavered, even when her heart was being pulled in new directions. Anie Michaels did an amazing job balancing the heartache Lena must be experiencing with her determination to move forward. Despite what she’d been through, Lena never felt jaded, allowing me to maintain my connection with her character as she continued on her journey. This novella felt like it belonged to Lena and her personal journey and it was a nice reprieve from the relationships and drama that had driven the story thus far.

 “Lena, you’re mine until I decide otherwise. And right now, you need to hear the rest of what I came here to tell you.”

Preston somehow managed to earn back some of my affection, although I will certainly be keeping a close eye on him. I’m glad this wasn’t the end of their story because I think Preston and Lena are really just getting started. Anie Michaels leaves Lena and Preston in a less frustrating place this time, allowing for some resolution, while maintaining the possibility for more twists and turns in the final novella of the Private serial. The storyline remains open in a way that promises mischief and uncertainty, letting my mind wander freely in anticipation of the final part of this story. There is still plenty of unresolved tension that will fuel the final chapter of their story and the build up has me anxious for the moment when things either fall together or come completely apart. Private Getaway was a heartfelt addition to this complicated love story, securing my investment in Lena’s happy ending.


private getaway_1

Cs Review

Oh my dear Anie Michaels, I’m starting to think that you could write a grocery list and I’d want to read it. Private Getaway picks up right where Private Encounters finishes, so we don’t miss a moment in all the delicious angst and roller coaster feelings. For someone who has hated serials since she discovered them, I am certainly hooked and starting to be made a believer!

“Just because I can’t see your sand, doesn’t mean it’s any less important than mine.”

The thing I loved about this installment was that readers really got to see this whole other side to Lena. She was no longer the housewife waiting to get what was owed to her. She’s forced to become independent and not lean on anyone from support. We find her starting over from square one but it felt special. It felt like this woman was maturing and growing in a way because she had no other choice. Furthermore, I absolutely adored that she didn’t just crumple into a heap when something happened. She thought through everything and really trusted her own gut. I also love the introductions to her friends that we got. In a way, it showed the type of woman she is which endeared me to her character even further.

“I wanted to save you, to be with you, to help you. But I also wanted to give myself to you. I wanted everything with you.”

Once the book got rolling, I pretty much figured out what the end game was, but appreciated the journey nonetheless. It’s hard to write the review without giving any spoilers, but I can say that I enjoyed this one immensely. Where the previous books were about Lena with someone else and the woman they shaped her to be, Private Getaway was all about the relationship she forms with herself. Normally, I stay clear of the serials but Michaels creates such natural ups and downs in the greater arc that it creates a naturalistic flow of breaks, making the serial a very organic one. Most of all, I’m thanking Michaels for not writing a nasty cliffhanger like the previous book, but definitely intrigued to where she’ll take us next!


Private Getaway 1

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Author Bio

Anie Michaels is the author of the Never series, The Space Between Us, and the Private Serials. She started writing her first novel in June 2013. When she is not reading, writing, or spending time with her family, you can find her spending time with her close friends. Anie lives in Portland, Oregon, with her family.

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