REVIEW – Come to Me Softly by A.L. Jackson

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Title: Come to Me Softly
Author: A.L. Jackson
Series: Closer to You #2
Release Date: June 24, 2014

Come to Me Softly


A second chance at life…
A second chance at love…

Jared Holt never thought he deserved either—until he found both in the arms of Aly Moore. Aly has loved Jared for as long as she can remember, and she’s more than ready for the future they’re making together. But Jared can’t help remembering his own family. And he’ll never forgive himself for what happened to them. How can he allow himself the very happiness he once destroyed?

To live a life worthy of Aly, Jared knows he has to stop running and finally put his past to rest. But when he decides to face his demons head on, he encounters more than he bargained for: a dangerous mix of jealousy, lies, and dishonest intentions. When those intentions threaten Aly, Jared loses all control, giving into the rage that earned him his bad boy reputation years before. And he’ll fight to protect her no matter what it costs…even if he destroys himself in the process.

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If I thought I’d already had my heart ripped open by Aly and Jared’s story, I was sorely mistaken. While their fight may have begun in Come to Me Quietly, their war was fought in Come to Me Softly. In this book they were truly tried, tested, and torn apart as both individuals and as a couple. Forced to face their uncertain futures and the past that constantly clings to their present, Aly and Jared’s journey is filled with overwhelming emotion and incredible power. A.L. Jackson truly has an astonishing gift, generating an outpouring of feelings that will both break you down and build you up. I could not envision a more beautiful and meaningful conclusion to Aly and Jared’s story. Come to Me Softly is a stunning story of love, loss, and letting go that will have you falling even harder for this family, enraptured by their pain and enchanted by their unbreakable love.

 “It doesn’t work like that. We don’t earn love… it’s a gift we’re given.”

Aly simply blew me away in this book. A.L. Jackson has given this character such incredible depth and immeasurable strength, standing next to Jared, giving him patience and support while he battled him demons. Her growth from the quiet, unsure girl who longed for the boy she once knew to the fiercely protective woman fighting unwaveringly for the man she loves is completely enthralling. I was mesmerized by her capacity to love unconditionally and her absolute loyalty. Jared astounded me in his own right. A.L. Jackson broke my heart completely with this character. As his past and present unavoidably collide and he is no longer able to hide how haunted he is, we get to see him in the most raw and vulnerable of forms. A.L. Jackson unravels this man completely, leaving no emotion or fear left undiscovered, allowing me to accept and fall in love with this character completely.

“I’m not worried about how much you love my sister, Jared. I’m worried about how much you hate yourself.”

There were so many places in this story where I simply felt everything that was happening. The direction Aly and Jared’s story headed was dark and twisted and incredibly perfect. The imperfections of their love gave them an authenticity that couldn’t be denied. I loved that A.L. Jackson allowed her characters to grow so much in this book by forcing them to face the worst in them. I was so satisfied with the way Jared’s story played out and the manner in which Aly brought her quiet understanding and steadfast courage to his darkness. Come to Me Softly is a striking reminder of the ugliness we carry within us and the never-ending battle to seek the beautiful. This book was breathtaking, honest, earthshattering, and real. It rocked me to my core as I found myself consumed by A.L. Jackson’s world. This story destroyed my heart only to resurrect it with a beat that was stronger and surer. Come to Me Quietly and Come to Me Softly are unquestionable must reads for anyone who likes to feel a story with their entirety.

So many freaking stars!!!

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