RELEASE BLITZ & GIVEAWAY – Possessed: Part Two by Coco Cadence

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Title: Possessed: Part Two
Author: Coco Cadence
Series: Possessed #2, The Kings #1
Release Date: April 5
Genre: Erotic/romance

Possessed part 2


I thought it couldn’t get any worse when my boss, the billionaire bad boy Leo King, blackmailed me into becoming his fake wife. Turns out he has secrets up his sleeve that put a whole new spin on the word douchebag.

Not only did he put my job on the line, my heart has now also become his playground. He seduced me once, but I refuse to fall for his lies again.

If only I had enough chocolate to distract me from his sexy presence. Something tells me he won’t give up the fight to claim me again.

Is he really only into one-night stands or is he lying to get into my pants? Only one way to find out … Time to buy more booze.

The second part of Possessed, a three-part series from Coco Cadence. Note: This ends in a cliffhanger.


Picking up right where Part 1 left off, Possessed Part 2 has given Sam the upper hand. Leo’s lies (or omissions of truth) drive a wedge between these two, causing their “relationship” to go up in flames. While I was shocked by the plot twist, I think I was even more surprised by Leo’s reaction to Sam being hurt by him. So far we’d seen the sexy, fun, alpha Leo, but Part 2 gives us a deeper look at this character. Coco Cadence delivers Leo’s vulnerability and flaws in a way that endeared him to me even more. Character development was a huge part of this installment, carefully unraveling Leo to reveal his true depth. Sam was no exception. We get to see a stronger side to her as she makes self-preservation her mission. She proves to be just as vulnerable as Leo, but fierce nonetheless.

I loved where Coco Cadence took the story in Part 2. We got to experience some genuine emotion between this couple, as well as some sizzling moments of undeniable attraction. We also see Leo and Sam really getting to know each other on a more basic level and that gave them a true tangibility as a couple. Coco Cadence cleverly dropped hints along the way as to the next big twist in the story and I was fairly certain I knew what revelation was coming next for Leo and Sam. Even still, I found myself reveling in the emotions of that moment when the next truth comes to light, forcing Sam’s world to shift once again. Filled with the fun, sexy banter I’ve come to love between these two, Part 2 was steamy and surprisingly sweet. With this new secret no longer between them, I can’t wait to see where Coco will take Leo and Sam next!


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Author Bio

Coco Cadence is an erotic romance writer, who loves cocky heroes and smartass heroines. She adores happy ever after’s as much as her fans do, and she will never stop writing them. In her free time she enjoys reading a good book, playing with her cute dogs, and spending quality time with her soon-to-be husband, but you can always find her drifting off into her mind to think of new stories.

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