REVIEW – Holding On by A.C. Bextor

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Title: Holding On
Author: A.C. Bextor
Series: Lights of Peril #1
Release Date: October 19, 2013

Holding On


How does a person decide if their own life is worth sacrificing to save another?

Shame holds onto a past that haunts him. Damaged by the parents that should have taught him unconditional love; they imprisoned him with violence and disregard. Even now, Shame struggles to find both the independence and love he deserves.

Knowing the blood that runs through him is stained merely by reputation, Hem seeks acceptance while he searches for ways to redeem himself in the eyes of those that have judged him his entire life.

Together the two have committed themselves to one purpose; protecting those they love the most.

Mace Cash is Hem’s younger sister. Although they share the same mother, Mace’s father despises Hem and his position within the family.

Sadey Lyons has loved Hem all of her life. Swearing to save herself for him, she’s determined to wait for him for as long as it takes; wanting only for him to see her as the woman she has become and not the little girl he’s always cherished.

When Hem and Shame meet Doc, the President of Lights of Peril Motorcycle Club, their lives take a dramatic turn. Finally escaping from a past that has controlled them, they find themselves living free.

But neither of them have known peace for long…

This is their story of love, loyalty, and heartbreak.


Holy mother of MCs! Holding On was one hell of an emotional ride. This book had a little of everything: love, heartache, suspense, jealousy, and delicious bad boys. Mace is our heroine, sister of Lights of Peril president, Hem and longtime admirer of his best friend Shame. Throw in her best friend Sadey, who’s been in love with Hem since forever, and you’re definitely in for a loud, messy, heartbreaking journey. A.C. Bextor has written an exciting and enthralling story that held me captive from start to finish. Every unexpected twist and turn kept me reeling as I waited for this crazy family to find their way.

 “He looks at you, Mace, like he has stars in his eyes. Can you see it? That man will be yours one day.”

Hem and Shame are both MC man perfection. Strong, protective, loyal, and absolutely YUM. Hem hit me hard with his sweet side, his huge heart and uncharacteristic kindness surprising me at every turn. I loved seeing him with Mace and Sadey where the best of him surfaced. Mace’s growth throughout Holding On was fantastic. The girl we met at the beginning of the story had a fire in her that was being contained. As her life with Peril tries and tests her, she’s transformed into someone fierce who holds her own and defends her family. I absolutely loved watching her take on the boys, never taking their shit and always speaking her mind.

“I never knew anyone who had the patience to love me with such intensity, even when I didn’t deserve it.”

Peril’s journey as a club ran parallel to Shame, Mace, Hem, and Sadey’s personal journeys, creating a vibrant and thrilling story that had my heart racing as each of them fought for the club and their hearts. There were so many surprises in Holding On. A.C. Bextor did an amazing job of carefully constructing this story so that the end game wasn’t completely ruined, but in retrospect all of the hints along the way fit into the puzzle. I honestly didn’t expect to find myself crying while reading this story, but A.C. Bextor had settled these characters so deeply in me that their pain was my own. The ending of this book was a shock to my system. I’m not sure how this story is going to continue, but I know for a fact I’ll definitely be finding out.


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