BLOG TOUR – Brise by Leigh Ann Lunsford


Title – Brise
Author – Leigh Ann Lunsford
Publication Date – March 18, 2015



He was seven. She was four. Neighbors and best friends. He was her protector. She was his reason. Each had their battles but they fought them together. He had a plan. She wasn’t aware.

She was seventeen. He was twenty. Tragedy strikes and their life is derailed. She leaves to heal and fulfill a dream to dance on stage. He is left behind and forgets how to live.

He stops searching. She begins looking. Can they ever set one another free, or does fate have something else in store for them?

Brise 1


Before I began Brise by Leigh Ann Lunsford, I was told that she was a very angsty author. She appreciates putting her readers on a rollercoaster, and I shook it off thinking I’d be just fine. Well, this is me acknowledging that no amount of forewarning could have truly prepared me for what I encountered. My heart feels like it was put through the ringer, to be stitched together, and then ripped apart again. Make no mistake, Brise was a fantastic read that I would undoubtedly pick up again, but I’m pretty sure it will take me a while to recover from the ups and downs of emotions experienced in this standalone novel.

“I want to live life to the fullest and enjoy everything it throws at me. We are only as good as our last adventure.”

Brise is the story of two friends who have known each other since childhood; who grew up together but never stumbled into the right time to explore anything more. From the first moment they are introduced, I knew that my heart would get broken, but I wanted to see the princess and her superhero overcome all odds. Despite feeling like there was a huge lack of communication and two incredibly stubborn personalities, readers can’t help but feel like it’s fate that Phoebe and Luke end up together. The journey is tumultuous, and filled with extreme highs and lows, but these two burrow their way into the readers’ hearts. Their tenacity and dedication to each other, as well as their plans, are admirable and incredibly relatable to anyone who has learned what happens to the best laid plans.

“I’m going to be a dancer like my mom. You can be my very own superhero, and I will be your ballerina.”

It’s hard to expand on the plot of Brise without giving away details that make the book that much more of an experience. It was one of the most angst-filled stories that I have come across, and I often felt my heart aching to get a break. However, Lunsford pulls you in and creates a soft spot in your heart with the way she writes her characters. For better or worse, this author has an innate talent in forcing the reader to feel something, whether it be sadness, frustration, happiness, or relief.

“It hurts to hate him, but it hurts more to love him. Two emotions that mean the opposite are closer than people realize.”

I took minor issue with the time jumping in certain situations. It was sometimes difficult to follow the “present” from a past feeling or motivation. Other than that minor detail, I fell in love with Lunsford’s writing and her characters. Though I will surely be sending her a bill for the therapy to heal my heart (especially after a certain chapter), I wouldn’t trade a single second of this story. Brise was about two broken characters who destroyed my heart and made me fall in love all at the same time. I can’t wait to see what other ways Lunsford will break me in the future!


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Author Bio

Leigh Ann Lunsford is stay at home mom turned author. She writes Romance/New Adult and loves her happily ever after in all books and movies. She lives with her husband, son, and four dogs in Fleming Island, Florida. When she isn’t writing or reading you can find her stuck in front of really bad reality shows or watching Sons of Anarchy. Leigh Ann has a filthy mouth and a huge amount of sarcasm that knows no end. She hopes to give the voices in her head an outlet with many more novels to come.

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2 thoughts on “BLOG TOUR – Brise by Leigh Ann Lunsford

  1. Stephen S. Padayhag says:

    To the author if this blog, this is where I found the decision to read the book Brise. And after reading the book, I immediately wanted to post a comment on this site as how good it was, even for someone whose not a fan of teen/adult genre.

    With your blog I found this book. And with this book, And this book was excellent, Thank you for your post.

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