REVIEW – Graceful Scars by Savannah Stewart

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Title: Graceful Scars
Author: Savannah Stewart
Release Date: March 7, 2015

Graceful Scars


Graceful, the word itself was instilled into Tegan Carter’s head at an early age, but anymore she feels far from graceful. When her world is turned upside down she finds herself spiraling into the darkness without any light in sight, until Talon Fisher walks into her life.

Trying to find herself again, Tegan is faced with a dilemma she doesn’t want to encounter. But will her scars keep her from allowing herself a second chance at a normal life, or will she continue to free fall into the darkness?


Graceful Scars is probably the perfect name for this book. The journey Savannah Stewart will take you on is hard and it hurts. It’s riddled with heartache and overflowing with emotion. Both Tegan and Talon have been through more in their short lives than anyone should in a lifetime. Despite all of their grief they somehow manage to remain standing and when life throws these two together they find a kindred soul in one another. I fell in love with Tegan and Talon and the way they made each other light up from the inside out. Savannah Stewart captures the special spark between them and ignites it across the pages of this book. Graceful Scars is a beautiful story of finding love and finding yourself while learning to let go of the way you think things should be to allow them to be what they’re meant to.

“Was I strong enough to pick up where I had left off? Was I ready to push past all the bullshit life had handed me and pick up the broken fucking pieces to create a complete puzzle again? I hadn’t the slightest clue, but I had to start somewhere, and dancing was my safe haven… or at least it used to be.”

Tegan spoke to me. From her very first breakdown, I could feel the depth of her pain and the fear she carried inside her. Savannah Stewart didn’t sugarcoat her experiences or magically heal her by finding love. Tegan struggled and she clawed her way up only to fall right back down. It was raw and real and heart wrenching but along the way Savannah nurtured this character, allowing her to grow into her own the hard way, learning to adapt and overcome her demons at a painfully slow and entirely genuine pace. Talon is an anomaly. Hot, sweet, successful, and amazing with his little sister, he grew up far too fast. There was never a moment during this book where I wasn’t Team Talon. His understanding, patience, and unwillingness to lose anyone else from his life made him the perfect match for the beautifully broken Teagan. Zoey was a wonderful addition to this story, providing levity and light where it was needed. She was the constant reminder that life was about finding joy in the little things and she never let Tegan forget that innate sparkle that only comes from dreaming big.

“There was something about Talon that was pulling me from the darkness and helping the scars of that night heal.”

It was obvious from the start that this story was going to have moments of darkness, but I was impressed by the way Savannah Stewart handled them. She didn’t downplay the significance of all that had happened to Tegan and she shared the emotional and physical pain of life after trauma with sincerity and grace. Even in moments of happiness, Tegan’s reality was allowed to seep in and that gave this story an authenticity that anyone who has ever felt that kind of pain can relate to. I adored the overall message of this story and it’s one we can all connect with. Tegan had to learn to believe in the journey of her dreams and not just in her dreams themselves. Each little twist and turn in the storyline brought Tegan and Talon to right where they needed to be and while their journey was anything but easy, it was unquestionably beautiful. I will definitely be on the lookout for more from Savannah Stewart.


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