RELEASE DAY BLITZ – Private Encounters by Anie Michaels


Title – Private Encounters
Author – Anie Michaels
Publication Date – March 17, 2015
Series – The Private Serials, #2

Private Encounters- ebook


I wanted him.
It was as simple as that.
It was also dangerous.
I was willing to risk it all for just one night with him.
As I watched my carefully structured life fall apart around me,
I needed him to make me forget.
Preston was everything I knew I should walk away from,
but impossible to leave behind.
He would be my undoing, my downfall,
but I wanted nothing more than to be undone.

**This is volume two of a multi-volume serial. Readers should not expect a resolution at the end of this publication. For mature readers only due to explicit sexual situations.**

Private Encounters_3

Bs Review

Private Encounters picks up right where Private Affairs left off. Lena and Preston are crossing a line they won’t be able to come back from and I swear I could feel the electricity in the air. Anie had me on the edge of my seat, sweating it out until the dam holding back all that sexual tension finally broke. This part of Lena and Preston’s story is more focused on them and the progression of their relationship. I enjoyed watching the sparks fly between these two and Anie had me giddy with their fun and sexy banter. This volume really brought the heat and it would have been impossible to not feel the intense lust and insatiable desire laced throughout this book.

“ ‘Someday,’ he breathed against me, and my whole body felt lighter, as if he’d thrown me a life jacket in the middle of a raging river.”

Preston still remains very much a mystery, but we do get a few more bits and pieces of him as the story unfolds. I’m hoping in the next book Anie will really delve deep into his character. We do get to see his possessive alpha side and man is it HOT! He’s bossy and thoughtful and everything you could ever want in an alpha BBF. I adored the character growth we see in Lena during the book. Anie really brings her into her own. Sure, her insecurities and flaws are all still there, but we begin to see the fierce and passionate woman that can stand on her own. I loved that hint of defiance and the satisfaction of knowing she was, for once, simply enjoying her life. There was also a pretty pivotal moment in this book where we see some of Lena’s past and her marriage begins to make a lot more sense.

“It was every bad idea I’d ever had, wrapped up in a bow, and put under the crazy tree.”

As far as the storyline goes, the pace is a little slower in this volume. Preston and Lena seem to be in their own bubble and not a lot of progress is made concerning the investigation. This volume really solidifies the relationship forming between Lena and Preston and focuses on contrasting her life with Preston from her marriage. I’m dying for them to find a way to best Derrek and soon. Dear lord. That ending!!! I was so pissed and sad and heartbroken. I really wanted to throw something. Anie Michaels sure knows how to rip a girl’s heart from her chest and then leave her stunned. I am raring for the next volume so I can find out how all of this will play out and whether Lena will get the happily ever after she deserves.


Private Encounters_2

Cs Review

Well, it took me a while to pick my jaw up off the floor once I finished the second installment in the Private Affairs serial. Private Encounters was spicy, steamy, and filled with everything in between! As much as I loved all the introduction and set up in the first book, this one hit me like a mac truck with the twists and action. I don’t care if it’s only book two, I’m addicted to this series and I just can’t get enough!

“You made that decision. You gave yourself to me, and now you’re mine and I’ll be damned if I let what’s mine walk out the door.”

We’re immediately thrown back into this world of secrecy and lies built on top of a foundation of deceit. Lena is finally done and wants out of her sham of a marriage, but not without what she’s owed. Preston is helping to investigate her husband, while also developing mountains of feelings for her. Meanwhile, Derrek is hiding plenty of his own unspoken truths. There was something about each and every one of these characters that lead to such strong emotional reactions within me as a reader. Whether it was hurt and longing from Lena, or desire and lust from Preston, to downright hate for Derrek. Michaels has and way of writing her stories so that they provoke strong images, strong emotions and even stronger reactions. There isn’t a large amount of action in this installment, but it almost seems necessary to the overall storyline.

“I can’t give you everything he gave you, can’t provide the same kind of life he could, but I’m hoping you’re looking for something different.”

This is only book two in the serial but I was left with my jaw on the floor, panting for more. I devoured this book quickly and felt like I was at the height of my pinnacle only to be left slack jawed and shocked. Even though my gut proved right, I was still somehow fooled in my mind, or maybe my heart. I’m ridiculously anxious for part three to the Private Affairs serial, and I hope Michaels continues to get better and better! She owes me some serious satisfaction!! 😉


Private Encounters 2

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Private Encounters

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