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Title: Touch Screen
Series: Sensation Collection #4
Author: L.B. Dunbar
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 3, 2015



The prodigal son. A second chance. The long kept secret.


I had returned. I hadn’t been here for seven years. That last summer, I was angry. Once I got away, I didn’t want to come back. The irony was the career I sought to escape this small town was the very reason I was here. My first movie was a featured film of the Traverse City Film Festival. As an independent film director, my premiere brought me back home. Home. A place I didn’t recognize.

Or maybe home didn’t recognize me?

I had it all in California: a girlfriend who was the daughter of a movie financier, a job that led to connections in the film industry, and a condo overlooking the ocean in Malibu. What I didn’t have was family. I had left them all behind. I was the prodigal son.

Now, the last person I expected to see was her. Britton McKay. She had been my summer love as a teenager. Not just once, but several summers. Until the last one. That was seven years ago. Now, she looked more beautiful than I remembered. Seeing her again, flooded me with memories long suppressed. She reminded me of everything I once had, and left behind.

Now, she had returned too.

Can lost romance be rekindled? Can unanswered questions be revealed?

Can I make this place my home again?


L.B. Dunbar reunites you with the Carter and Scott families as all are gathered for the annual film festival, a much anticipated wedding, and another summer weekend of Harbor Days.

Welcome back to Elk Rapids.

Your favorite families await with flashbacks, celebration, and heartbreak.

Touch Screen_3


With each addition to the Sensations Collection, L.B. Dunbar manages to outshine herself. Touch Screen has become my favorite book in the series so far and Gavin just took up permanent residence in my heart. I adored seeing all of the previous couples return in this book. It gave this story a sense of coming home, which is ultimately what the message of this book is. Gavin and Britton’s story was raw and real as they experienced both the joy and sorrow of life and love. When Gavin returns to his hometown only to run into the girl who got away, his entire life is turned upside down and he finds himself completely re-evaluating his dreams. Touch Screen is a beautiful story of self-discovery, defining home, and finding family. Touch Screen is overflowing with love and the feelings I cycled through seemed endless. L.B. has taken her writing to a whole new level with this book and I loved every minute of Gavin and Britton’s journey.

I absolutely adored Britton. She exuded strength as she faced the world head-on; handling the curve balls life throws at her with grace and determination. L.B. Dunbar did an incredible job with this character, allowing us to see both the women in need of love and the mother who loves unconditionally. From the start Britton was never just a mother or just an old flame. Every decision she made reflected the entirety of her being, giving us a strong sense of her character. Gavin won me over from the start with his kind heart and deep capacity for love. Even when he was a complete asshole, I still felt for him. L.B. Dunbar gave us Gavin complete with insecurities and flaws, making him tangible, relatable, and honest. The spark between Britton and Gavin is impossible to miss. Their shared history and unshakeable affections gave their relationship a rock solid foundation on which L.B. Dunbar could set these two on fire. She certainly did not disappoint!

What I love most about this series is that each story is unique, setting itself apart from the others while maintaining its feeling of belonging within the greater picture. Britton and Gavin’s journey was perfectly executed, building their history alongside the growing sense of desperation to reclaim the love left behind. L.B. Dunbar developed her characters in a way that made them unforgettable, writing their stories with immense skill and immeasurable heart. She has a way of injecting feeling into every aspect of her book, keeping me emotionally involved in the story from beginning to end. L.B. Dunbar’s voice is fresh, simple, and heart-wrenchingly truthful, capturing the stunning complexity that is life and love. I hated seeing Gavin and Britton’s book come to an end, completely caught up in their journey. I laughed and cried and waited desperately for the truth to be revealed. When it finally was, Touch Screen consumed me completely. Gavin’s story was more than I could have hoped for from L.B. and I’m entirely enchanted by the world and characters she has created with this series!

Rating 5.png

Touch Screen_2


I felt drawn to this woman and child, and I exited one of the French doors to walk along the pathway under another canopy. The beauty and her boy did not seem to notice me, and I tried to stay behind the columns that supported the overhang providing shade to this portion of the sidewalk as I peered nonchalantly at the beach. I glanced in their direction enough to notice wisps of her blonde hair around her tan face blowing out of her ponytail. She kept her eyes downward, focused on the boy, but I realized they had the same nose. Again, it seemed safe to assume this was her child.

She dipped the boy again and I heard his strong childish laughter. It was infectious and I smiled to myself. The woman kissed the boy again with several small pecks on his little red cheeks and neck, only now I could hear the sounds the mother made, loud and exaggerated, with each brush of her lips. The boy laughed harder, saying, “No, no, no,” but he squealed his enjoyment of each kiss and clearly wanted more. She stood him upright again and the child wrapped his arm around his mother, beginning to dance.

“Again,” the child pleaded, but the mother directed him elsewhere. They held hands as they stepped off the dance floor and into the white sand surrounding the pavilion. I hadn’t noticed they were both barefoot, and the woman bent down to pick up two pairs of shoes. She handed the child his and carried hers through her fingers. There was something strangely familiar about her as she walked across the sand away from me and toward the water line of the lake.

I stood straighter now, no longer leaning behind the barrier. I took no more notice of how much warmer I was outside in the blazing morning sun in my gray summer suit as I took a step into the sand, forgetting my leather dress shoes. The woman turned toward the child, walking backwards. Her tan legs were graceful beneath her white shorts. This blonde beauty shielded her eyes as if looking at something behind me, then she suddenly stopped walking. The child broke free of her hand and started running across the freshly combed beach toward the lake’s small white caps.

I made my way to the dance floor, the sand slipping under the hard soles of my dress shoes. I balanced on the edge of the cement structure with my heel and kept my gaze focused on her as she continued to stare back at the resort. Slowly, she lowered her hand from her eyes and tucked a piece of wayward hair behind her ears. I realized she was no longer looking behind me, but at me. The way she tucked her hair behind her ear made her instantly recognizable. Britton. Britton McKay had returned to northern Michigan, just as I had.

Touch Screen_1


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