REVIEW – Blushing by Katie Delahanty

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Title: Blushing
Series: The Brightside #2
Author: Katie Delahanty
Release Date: February 23, 2015



My name is Olivia Bloom and I. Am. Engaged.

When Berkeley proposed I thought we’d live happily ever after—we’d plan our wedding and he’d tour with the Brightside while I continued designing lingerie. But instead he dropped a bombshell that turned my life upside down: he’s set to star in a movie with, who else, his gorgeous ex, Christina Carlton. And what’s more? I’ve been erased from the public eye. All anyone can talk about is #Berkstina.

Berkeley wants me to work on set as a costume designer—a dream come true—but there’s a catch; we have to keep our relationship secret. I’m okay with not being photographed, but the sneaking around, the lies, the love scenes; it’s not how I imagined our engagement. I know Berkeley is passionate and driven, but he has so much going on—I don’t know if we can take it. I’m starting to wonder how well I know him.

I love him, but am I ready to drop everything and decide the rest of my life? To become Olivia Dalton?


After falling for Olivia and Berkeley while reading In Bloom, I was excited for the next part of their love story. I am thrilled to say that Blushing absolutely blew away all of my expectations. Katie Delahanty has written an incredible follow up with this novel and I was absolutely enthralled from the moment it began. Picking up where In Bloom left off, Blushing immediately swept me back into the A-list lifestyle of Berkeley Dalton. As Olivia tries to find her place in his star-studded world, unexpected twists and turns ensure that the journey is anything but smooth sailing. New faces and professional challenges color this story, testing Olivia and Berkeley’s relationship. The ride was exciting and definitely worth every bit of angst along the way. Katie Delahanty keeps the chemistry between Berkeley and Olivia blazing, and I couldn’t help but get a little addicted to the heat.

“While everyone else was busy trying to live an illusion, I’ve been trying to prove myself. They’re all a bunch of planets orbiting around the sun – feeding off star energy – but I want to be rewarded for my talents, whatever they are, and I don’t want anything handed to me.”

Both Berkeley and Olivia underwent significant transformation in Blushing. Katie Delahanty really put these two to the test and the result was two unique and definitive characters you can’t help but love. We really get to see so many sides to Berkeley in this book and it really gave his character a three-dimensional feel. Seeing his faults, vulnerabilities, and distinctive personality traits (both good and bad) really gave him an authenticity that I could appreciate. He became so much more than another Hollywood BBF. While Berkeley seems to know what he wants and runs after it full speed, Olivia’s journey of self-discovery is more gradual. I could really relate to her evolving ideas of what she wants out of her life, career, and relationship. Her struggle to define herself was unquestionably genuine to any twenty-something trying to make their mark on the world.

“Think about it, Liv. Wouldn’t it be more fun to take the ride to the top with someone as a team than to always be trying to catch a star?”

Experiencing a character’s emotions while you read is a deeply satisfying feeling, but there is something about being able to feel them almost viscerally that is simply magical. Katie Delahanty’s writing has grown by leaps and bounds since In Bloom. I felt like she’d hooked into me and held me hostage until the book was finished. Her voice is relevant, fresh, and socially in-tune. She doesn’t overlook the little details that really pull a story together, allowing me to completely lose myself in it. She had my stomach filling with nerves as Olivia and Berkeley snuck around and I found myself worrying incessantly, wracking my brain for how Olivia could cope with everything that was happening. I’m so excited about this author and I’m looking forward to watching her polish her craft and continue to blow me away with her storytelling. Blushing was everything I could have wanted for Berkeley and Olivia and then some!


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