REVIEW – Music of the Heart by Katie Ashley

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Title: Music of the Heart
Series: Runaway Train #1
Author: Katie Ashley
Release Date: March 24, 2013

Music of the Heart


For Abby Renard, the plan was supposed to be simple—join her brothers’ band on the last leg of their summer tour and decide if she’s finally ready for the limelight by becoming its fourth member. Of course, she never imagined stumbling onto the wrong tour bus at Rock Nation would accidentally land her in the bed of Jake Slater, the notorious womanizing lead singer of Runaway Train. When he mistakes her for one of his groupie’s, Abby quickly lets him know she sure as hell isn’t in his bed on purpose.

Jake Slater never imagined the angel who fell into his bed would resist his charms by promptly kneeing him in the balls. Of course, the fact she seems like a prissy choir girl makes her anything but his type. So he is more than surprised when after betting Abby she wouldn’t last a week on their tour bus, she is more than willing to prove him wrong. But as Jake’s personal life begins to implode around him, he finds an unlikely ally in Abby. He’s never met a woman he can talk to, joke with, or most importantly make music with.

As the week starts comes to a close, neither Abby nor Jake is ready to let go. Can a sweetheart Country songstress and a bad boy of Rock N Roll actually have a future together?

Music of the Heart


I am officially addicted to Runaway Train! Katie Ashley has created a fantastic and fun musical world with her Runaway Train series that delivers a sassy, intense, rocker love story. The cast of characters she has created is so vibrant and diverse that I can’t help but want to know each of their stories. Throwing together two seemingly opposite personalities and forcing them to live together on the road was genius. Jake and Abby are both forces of nature in their own right and watching them fight the impending explosion between them was endlessly entertaining. Katie Ashley balanced the chaos of fame with the harsh reality of dealing with emotional turmoil in the spotlight to create a story that was genuine and heartfelt.

“Her very presence had sent tiny fissures through my carefully constructed wall of emotions. She was getting to me too fast and too soon.”

From the moment Abby stumbles onto Runaway Train’s bus, I knew I was going to love her. She is sweet and kind and feisty as hell. She could hold her own and dish out just as much sass as she was getting. I loved watching her catch Jake off guard. Their banter was equal parts hilarious and sexy, holding me captive and leaving me wanting more. Jake is rocker BBF perfection in all of his moody and muscled musical glory. Katie Ashley really did an amazing job with his character. She transformed this cocky god of rock into a guy with vulnerabilities, imperfections, and a huge heart. The electricity between Abby and Jake was absolutely incredible. Katie Ashley kept the fire between them burning hot with their constant flirtation, stubborn battle of wills and the ever-present strain on their sense of control.

“Most of all, it’s that I want someone like you to want me – just for me, not for Jake Slater the singer of Runaway Train. For what’s really inside me.”

I was pleasantly surprised by the emotional reach of Music of the Heart. There was so much more to this story than just the ups and downs of being a rock star or the thunderous clash of forcing together an infamous bad boy and an innocent, sheltered girl. Jake and Abby both dealt with some tough emotions and heartbreaking life situations that permanently endeared them to me. Finding myself fully invested in their happily ever after, I swear at times their pain and sadness felt like my own. The storyline was fun and sexy and sweet, while the pacing assured that the book maintained my complete attention as the story moved forward. I laughed hard and smirked at the crazy antics the boys got into only to then find myself with tears in my eyes, soaking up the raw emotions of Jake and Abby’s story. I can’t wait to see more of this awesome couple as we get the low down on the rest of the band in the upcoming books!


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