COUNTDOWN TO VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL – Miss Congeniality by Marie Garner

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When opposites attract the sparks fly! In Miss Congeniality by Marie Garner, Brea and Lance have very different reputations in Hollywood. Watching these two struggle to escape the roles they’ve been cast in by the media and learn that maybe they’re not so opposite after all was sexy and fun. Check out a Valentine’s Day bonus scene below to get another fix of that Lance romance!

Bonus Scene

Brea stared at her phone for the fiftieth time in the last ten minutes. Lance was late, which wasn’t like him. He was the one who made a big deal about reminding her about their date this morning, which only made her more anxious. If he was late he should have called already instead of leaving her hanging at the bar in their favorite restaurant waiting for him to show up. She waited about ten more seconds before she gave in the urge to text him.

Brea: What are you doing?

Lance: I’m going to be doing you later.

Brea: Not what I’m asking. And you get no sexy time if you don’t get to this restaurant ASAP.

Lance: Restaurant? What restaurant?

Brea didn’t answer. Was he serious?

Brea: I don’t know, the restaurant that you told me to be at tonight at 7.

Lance: That one? Well come outside and wait for me, I’ll be there in a minute.

Brea rolled her eyes at the old game. He was always telling her to come outside whenever he picked her up, but there was no reason to call her outside the restaurant to wait for his late ass. What the hell, she thought, deciding to play along. She walked out expecting to see nothing but traffic and was blown on her ass. There was Lance, wearing a shit eating grin standing in front of a horse drawn carriage.

“What is this?” She kissed him absentmindedly, walking around the front to pet the horses.

“Happy Valentine’s Day baby.” He kissed her on the temple, rubbing her back before moving her away from the horses so she could get in the carriage.

“How did you know?” A horse drawn carriage had been a dream on hers since she was a little girl dreaming about Prince Charming. Who knew he really existed? He came to her when she was at her lowest, and would always be the best thing to every happen to her.

“I had a little help,” he admitted sheepishly. “And I thought what better way to show the girl who’d given me everything she was the most important person in my life.” She leaned over and kissed him, unable to stop the outpouring of love she felt with every fiber of her being.

“I love you.” She whispered when they pulled away.


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