COUNTDOWN TO VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL – Black Number Four by Kandi Steiner

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We haven’t met this next book boyfriend yet, but from what we’ve heard and seen so far, he is sure to skyrocket to the top! Kip from Kandi Steiner‘s BLACK NUMBER FOUR is looking like the perfect boyfriend to send some chills up your spine in the more pleasureful of ways!


Cassie runs off to the kitchen and I eye my surroundings and see there’s an abandoned, long folding table that was being used for a game of beer pong not too far behind Kip. His eyes meet mine as I get closer, but I walk purposefully past him and use my arm to quickly clear the remaining empty cups off the table.

“Are we playing another game?” He asks, following me.

I shake my head and prop my ass up on the table before taking the knife from Cassie, slicing the lime into wedges. I grab Kip’s hand and falter slightly, the electricity from the touch catching me off guard, but then quickly I lean down and lick the spot between his thumb and pointer finger and then cover it with salt. Smiling at his dumbfounded expression, I lean back, “I said you had to take a shot of tequila if you lost. I didn’t say you’d get to shoot it out of a shot glass.”

I pop one of the lime wedges in my mouth just as everyone cheers. The guys are hooting, pounding their fists in the air, and my sisters who are still hanging around are all chanting our sorority chant about being down to party.

If you didn’t come to party, you shouldn’t have come at all!
We’re swinging from the chandelier and bouncing off the walls!
If you can’t hang with the best, then you might as well leave!
Because we came here to party, we’re mother fucking KKB!”

Kip’s eyes are wide and his mouth is hanging open a little as I lift my shirt up and tuck it just below my bra line. I pour the tequila and it pools in my navel and the crevices of what little stomach definition I have. After I set the bottle back down, I wink up at Kip and pull my hands behind my head, cockily waiting.

A few more brothers slap Kip on his arm, which seems to pull him out of his trance. He looks down at me with determination before licking his hand. Cheers ring out again, and then his mouth is on my skin.

Holy shit.

His lips and tongue work together to suck up the alcohol, his teeth catching my skin between them every now and then. I shiver a little and curse my body because I know I have chills breaking out. Kip notices, too, because I feel him smile against my ribs before he drags the stubble on his jaw up and over my chest, my neck, and bites the lime in my mouth. He sucks it dry and then pulls my mouth to his, and even though the screams are deafening, I feel like I can’t hear a single one. My ears go numb and my skin tingles to life as Kip pulls my bottom lip between his teeth before pressing his lips to mine again. One of his hands is pressed to the side of my face, the pad of his thumb grazing my cheek while the other is grasped firmly on my still wet hip. His lips are soft, but demanding. This might be the hottest kiss I’ve ever had, and yet somehow I’m kind of wishing I would have waited and had it in private. And not because I’m ashamed, but because I don’t want to share.

He pulls back and helps me sit up as the cheers die down and everyone goes back to their business. Jess and Cassie both wink at me and point to the kitchen, indicating for me to meet them there. I nod at them and then place my hands on Kip’s shoulders, hopping down from the table.

“Now that,” I say, locking my eyes on his bright blues and wiping the lime juice from my bottom lip. “Is a first impression.”


Black Number Four

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