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Jennings from ANYONE BUT HIM by Cassie Graham is a lover in the limelight, but wants to be your boy next door. He’s sweet and caring, and absolutely loves his Whitley! Check out this scene and find out just how these two love birds are spending their Valentine’s Day this year 😉

Bonus Scene

“The Grammy’s? On Valentines Day?” I clarify with an obvious tone of awe in my voice. “I love you, Jenns. But, why?”

He chuckles into the phone and even though he’s thousands of miles away, I know his smirk is present on his lips. “You didn’t watch the nominations this morning did you, Pretty Girl?”

Was that today? Sheesh. My brain checked out a few days ago when all of my students began their final projects for the semester. Overload would be an understatement.  “No!” I screech. We have been waiting for this news for weeks now. “Did you?” I sputter. “Did you get a nomination?”

“Maaaaybe.” He lets the word fester few seconds before putting me out of my misery. “The entire ensemble got nominated!” he cheers. “Can you believe it? Who would have thought that me, Jennings Cohen, would be nominated for a damn Grammy?”

I squeal. And it’s not one of those cute squeals that girls do when they get excited. I full-on scream like a lunatic.

Did I mention I’m walking through the grocery store right now? No? That’s probably important information.

The shutterbugs begin snapping away as I do a little jig in front of the frozen food section, but I don’t care. My husband is up for a Grammy. The Holy Grail of music and my husband and his cast mates are nominated.

This. Is. Huge.


“I thought maybe we’d have a Valentines Day date before,” Jennings suggests as we make our way to the Kodak Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

I pull my phone out of my clutch and check the time. “Jennings, honey, it’s four thirty.” The show starts at seven.

“Yeah.” He gives me a level stare that says, “three hours is more than enough time, woman. Why are you questioning me?”

I shove my phone away and relent. “All right, Mr. Spur-Of-The-Moment, where are we going?”

Jennings gives me that side-glance and I know he isn’t going to tell me. Surprises are sort of his thing.

Don’t fight it, embrace it.

So, I sit back as we pass the exit to the theater and make our way out of the city.

Ten minutes later, the limo is pulling up to a place I’ve only been to three times before. The first and second time was when both Jennings and I were in college, working on an astronomy assignment, and the last time was when he asked me to marry him. In bright, cutout stars, he spelled out the words WILL YOU BE MY FOREVER STARGAZER, AND MARRY ME? It was the most romantic moment of my life.

“Griffin Observatory?” I sigh and my eyes begin to water. This is where we fell in love. This is where I began to open my heart. This is the place Jennings and my story began.

“You got it, Pretty Girl. Let’s go have some dinner.”

Our driver opens the back door and Jennings leads me to his old orange Mustang, which is conveniently parked on top of the hill.

“Jennings.” I cover my mouth. “This is too much.”

A picnic of our favorite food is strewn on the hood of the car. Candles adorn the sides and roof, and with the sun about to set, it might be the most amazing sight. The only thing that would make it better is a thunderstorm.

Jennings fills two flutes full of champagne and offers me a glass. “To our future. I love you more than I did five years ago,” he promises. “May our love shine as bright as the stars. Happy Valentines Day.”

We clink, and we drink the bubbling drink. “I love you, Jenns. Thank you for this.” I gesture toward the display. “I’m so very proud of you. Happy Valentines Day.”

His dimple shows itself, and his beautiful smile makes my insides pool.

Setting my flute down on the hood of the car, I grab a plate to begin piling food, when Jennings stops me, grabbing my arm.

“What?” I ask.

His eyes shine, and that mischievous look I know so well shows on his face. “Love first. Food second.”

I give him a questionable look and in a flash, he pulls me into the back of the Mustang and he makes good on a promise that he made to me the day he proposed.

Sex. In. The. Mustang.



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