PROMO BLITZ, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY – Dirty Nails by Regina Bartley

Title: Dirty Nails
Author: Regina Bartley
Release Date: February 1, 2015
From the outside looking in, this life may seem jacked up. People may think that I’ve completely lost my mind. They only see the bruises. They don’t know that Maxwell Costin saved my life, and that I owe him everything. I’m alive because of him. So when he tells me to keep my mouth shut, and do what he says then that’s exactly what I do. And if anyone asks about the dirty bodies, the dirty floors, or Max’s dirty hands, I know nothing. Even if the man asking is dark and dangerously sexy. I will not break. Try me…
**Recommended for ages 18+ due to graphic language, sexual content, & mature subject matter.*** This book is not for the weak at heart.**
Dirty Nails_2

 Dirty Nails was very much a departure from Regina Bartley’s usual work. This story was grittier, darker, and definitely sexier. This story packed some serious heat! The chemistry between Shay and Sketch absolutely sizzled under the forced restraint and shady circumstances of their situation. While there was certainly a romantic element, this book was a walk on the dark side for Regina and I was delighted by the risks she took with this story. Dirty Nails was thrilling and suspenseful, dragging me along for the absolutely crazy ride. I experienced a range of emotions with this one, including rage, lust, fear, self-destruction, disbelief, and even a little bit of hope. Dirty Nails was nothing like I could have expected and I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I found myself caught up in the characters and their story.

“My body fell limp against him. He devoured my lips like I was the last girl he’d ever get to touch. I took it all too. Every piece he would give me. My lips were tingling against his and every part of my body ignited.”

Max was pure evil. I hated every bit of him, even when our heroine was falling for his crap. Regina Bartley did such a great job at engendering that genuine sense of loathing when it came to his character. She wrote him in a way that made everything about him infuriating and it made my reaction to him as a reader almost visceral. I had the physical need to punch this character in the face. Shay was frustrating at first. I couldn’t believe the things she put up with, although it quickly became clear the years of mental and physical abuse that had her stuck. It was incredibly satisfying to watch her unleashed on the world. I think I loved Sketch’s character evolution the best. Regina really brought him into his own as she revealed his past and true intentions to us. This sexy, mysterious, and possibly dangerous man won my heart when his shattered and vulnerable side was finally revealed, leaving me an addicted mess.

“I couldn’t remember anything. Not even my name. His full lips were made to be against mine. Nothing had ever felt so good. And my body had never felt so alive.”

The storyline was akin to a train wreck I just couldn’t look away from. As the events unfolded, I was stunned by the unexpected turns and harsh truths that riddled this story. Regina Bartley did an amazing job at creating the dark world of this book. Just when I thought I had things figured out, some new aspect of Max’s day-to-day business would become known and I’d be back at square one, trying to put together the puzzle. The unexpected ties between characters and events really made this journey all the more thrilling and Regina did an amazing job with the subtleties that were so important to the connections she eventually exposed. This story carried significant emotional weight, dealing with abuse, self harm, and the seedy world over which Max ruled. Regina managed to effortlessly weave all of these complex emotions throughout the story to create a book that was dark and raw. I really enjoyed Regina’s trip to the dark side, and I can’t wait to see what she’ll take on next!

Dirty Nails_1
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