REVIEW – Strings by Kendall Grey

Title: Strings
Author: Kendall Grey
Series: Hard Rock Harlots #1


Free-spirited musician Letty Dillinger adheres to a strict, “no strings attached” policy when it comes to men. After a wild night of unabashed sex in a fancy hotel room, she never expects to see the adventurous stud she dubs “Shades” again. When her all-girl rock trio books a tour at the last minute as the opening act for their archenemies, Letty’s shocked to discover she knows the competition’s new lead singer. Intimately. Shades is no longer a one-night stand. Now he’s the guy she has to one-up on stage every night for the sake of her career.

Sharing close quarters on a bus with her sexy nemesis and his bad-boy buddies puts Letty’s Golden Rule to the test. On this tour, guitar strings aren’t the only things being played. And when heartstrings are pulled too hard, they’re bound to snap sooner or later.

WARNING: STRINGS is not suitable for slut shamers, uptight stone throwers, Holier-Than-Thou prudes, humorless virgins, persons with chronic neck or back pain, pearl-clutching bitties, those who disparage crude humor or vulgarity in their many forms, closed-minded people with sticks up their asses, or anyone under the age of 18. The vile, base language and shocking, unholy sexual acts contained herein are not condoned by anyone with a lick of sense and should certainly not be reproduced without proper training and protection. The potty-mouthed and perpetually horny “heroine” (the term is used loosely) of this book does not resemble a normal, well-adjusted, or remotely believable person in any way, shape, or form. The author acknowledges that the characters in this book are shallow and two-dimensional; the plot is both ridiculous and insipid. She makes no apologies for any of it.

*Readers are strongly advised to wear latex gloves whilst reading to minimize contamination risks.


As my first foray into the world of Kendall Grey, Strings was a shock to my system. Kendall is the queen of all things sweaty, filthy, and blush-inducing. She certainly doesn’t play around when it comes to her book warnings, in fact she pretty much hits the nail on the head. Don’t say she didn’t warn you. Strings is absolutely hilarious and demands your attention with all of its dirty, raw, and quirky debauchery. In Strings, up and coming rock bands Killer Dixon and Cherry Buzz Float are forced to tour together – insert ridiculous sexual tension here. Letty and Shades are in for the ride of a lifetime when their one-night stand turns into an inescapable road trip with their bandmates.

“I knew fate would bring us back together at the right moment. Always happens like that for me. I trust in the power of the universe.”

I adored Letty in all of her badass, insecure glory. Kendall Grey has created a witty, sarcastic, and talented rocker chick that is a lot more than just a bad attitude and a filthy mouth. As her story unfolds, we begin to see the flawed, self-conscious girl that hides behind the fearless front and I absolutely loved this about Letty’s character. She was relatable and likeable despite her outrageous nature and intrinsic shock value. Shades is absolutely delicious. He’s the kind of musician BBF we all love, up for anything and oh-so-bad-he’s-good. Plus he shows his hand from the beginning, his honesty making him the perfect fit for the unfiltered Letty. Kendall has generated some intense heat between these two that burns up the pages of this story. The tension she has built into this story is absolutely palpable.

“Like the music I adore, Shades has a way of keeping me stable and sane. His kiss, his intense stare, and his love blaring through our private airwaves are his secret weapons.”

In addition to the fun characters and steamy, no holds barred scenes, I also really enjoyed the storyline in Strings. An all female rock band and an all male rock band going head to head on the road led to some insanely entertaining misadventures. I loved the various relationships between the characters and the unique personalities that colored this story. Each character found a way to capture my attention, pulling me in and making me anxious to hear their personal stories. The way Kendall Grey ended this book was perfect, setting things up for many exploits to come from this crazy crew. If you can handle the heat and have an open mind when it comes to all things dirty, then this book is definitely worth reading. Heed Kendall’s warning and take my advice: don’t read this one in public. Strings will leave you blushing and laughing so hard it hurts.


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