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Title: For Now
Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
Series: Rules of Love #2
Release Date: November 5, 2014

For Now


Two people. A one-night stand. What could go wrong?

Javier Cruz definitely isn’t relationship material, but that suits Hazel Gellar just fine. She’s not a relationship girl and doesn’t plan on ever being one.

But after a mind-blowing, panty-ripping, bed-breaking night, she knows once isn’t going to be enough. Fortunately, Javi feels the same way. Soon, what started as just one night turns into a lot of nights, and Hazel doesn’t know what to do.

Will she and Javi make the choice to be together for longer than just right NOW?


Chelsea M. Cameron has once again written a sweet and steamy college romance that is sure to melt your heart! For Now is the companion novel to For Real. This book is all about Javier (Jett’s best friend) and Hazel (Shannon’s best friend) and I absolutely adored their story! We get a little more of Shannon and Jett, too, which was just icing on the cake. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from Javi and Hazel. They’re both so different from Jett and Shannon and I knew the waters would be a little rougher when it came to taming these two and convincing them to give in to their hearts.

“He’s got great lips, that Javier. I like them much more when they’re kissing me than when they’re forming words designed to annoy me.”

The more I got to know Hazel and Javi, the more I loved them. There was so much depth to these characters. They’re more than the wild, carefree college students we met in For Real. Chelsea really did an excellent job exposing the experiences and dissecting the layers that made these characters who they are. Hazel and Javi are both feisty, outgoing and gifted at hiding their emotions behind meaningless flings. Seeing them start to break each other down, crack through that armor, was incredibly beautiful. Chelsea also made the chemistry here absolutely electric! Both forces all on their own, together their sarcasm, wit and confidence clashed until we were left with the most delicious kind of tension brewing between Javi and Hazel.

“I’m like Oprah. She gives out cars. I give out orgasms.”

There was a lot more substance and emotion to their story than I would have guessed and I’m so glad Chelsea decided we needed to know more about these two. Javi and Hazel are both so stubborn that at times I had to just hang on and ride out the rollercoaster, while other moments were so tender and perfect in their sweetness that I could swear my heart was floating. This story was one of heartache, passion, longing, hesitancy, lust, and love. For Now is a fantastic college romance full of genuine and relatable characters. This book hits all the right emotions and really tugged on my heart. I can’t get enough of this bunch and I hope we have more of them coming our way soon!


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