REVIEW – For Real by Chelsea M. Cameron

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Title: For Real
Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
Series: Rules of Love #1
Release Date: November 11, 2013

For Real


Two people. One fake relationship. What could go wrong?

When virgin Shannon Travers gets fed up with her friends demanding that she find a boyfriend, she enlists the help of tattooed, mohawk-rocking graphic design student Jett. He’s more than happy to play along with their Fake Relationship, including the Ten Rules of Fake Dating that control-freak Shannon comes up with. Even if he likes to violate them. Repeatedly.

But what happens when Fake Dating starts to feel… not fake anymore? Will Shannon be willing to let go and embrace the first thing in her life that’s ever felt REAL?


Chelsea M. Cameron captures the innocence of young love and the rush of really falling for the first time with For Real. The story is a classic, a fake relationship quickly leads to very real feelings and we’re left wondering if anything good can grow from a foundation of lies. Shannon and Jett are the ones that make this story different. Their distinct personalities and honest emotions shed this story in a unique light. With the help of a colorful bunch of secondary characters, Chelsea M. Cameron delivers Shannon and Jett’s story with feeling and humor.

“I suppose I have to give her credit for trying to make sure I’m not going to get Fake Pregnant from the Fake Sex I’m going to have.”

The relationship Chelsea has cultivated between Shannon and Jett really makes this story. It’s naïve and fragile and tentative. Everything a first real love between two young and inexperienced individuals should be. Their hesitancy and vulnerability comes through every page until you can’t help but find yourself swallowed by the emotions of finally falling. Their conversations are effortless and amusing, unafraid to tease each other and flirt. Things between them feel easy and right. Their connection will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Chelsea expertly conveys their excitement along with their insecurities.

“I think I have a medical condition. My mouth has divorced my mind and is speaking on its own.”

I adored the emotions this story provoked. While Shannon and Jett are certainly caught up in their changing feelings, there are plenty of challenges to keep their story from becoming stale. Lying to their friends and themselves has consequences and these two find themselves in various uncomfortable situations that force them to confront the heat building between them. I loved Shannon’s best friend Hazel and Jett’s roommate Javier. These two are seemingly the total opposite of Shannon and Jett and the juxtaposition of their personalities was incredibly amusing. I hope we will see more of these two in the future. For Real is a heartwarming and unmistakably sweet story of self-discovery and love.


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