REVIEW – Bait by M. Mabie


Title – Bait
Author – M. Mabie
Publication Date – October 13, 2014
Series – Wake #1


He was trouble from the start, but I couldn’t resist.
[She was the best kind of trouble. The kind that was so wrong, it felt right.]

I’ve tried and failed to stay away from him.
[I’ve done everything in my power to make her mine and keep her.]

He’s almost impossible to say no to.
[She never tells me yes.]

We’re always fighting.
[When we’re not fighting, we’re… well… making up.]

He makes me laugh so hard.
[I miss her laugh the most.]

I’m a liar.
[She knows the truth, but won’t admit it.]

Sometimes, I wish I’d never met him.
[I wish we could meet all over again. I’d do better.]

His girlfriend knows.
[The guy she’s with is a fool.]

I’ll never love anyone like I love him.
[She doesn’t love me enough to choose us.]

It was the wrong place.
[It was the wrong time.]

It should have been him.
[It will always be her.]


Bait by M. Mabie was one of those books that I did not have any expectations for. The synopsis and cover hooked me, no pun intended, and I dove right in. Needless to say, I was completely surprised and fell utterly in love. M. Mabie creates unforgettable, complex characters while forcing you to feel the ups and downs of their emotional rollercoaster. It definitely has some hot button issues, but it’s written in such a perfect way, that you can’t help but get sucked into the vortex.

“Let it go. Bullshit. I say do the opposite. If someone can tell that you’re thinking about something so much that they tell you to let it go. That’s the fucking thing you shouldn’t.”

Bait is told in dual points of view through the eyes of Casey and of Blake. These two could not have been more wrong for each other, yet somehow I couldn’t stop rooting from them. They are both written in ways that, on the one hand, you want to love, and on the other hand, you love to hate. Their chemistry is undeniable and the sex is steamy and oh, so satisfying! The dedication that Casey showed, and his inability to let go of what he desired with her was incredibly admirable. There was just something that had me rooting for him, even if he was technically the “other guy”. His chapters are written in a way that gives us the perfect glimpses into his head; it’s impossible to dislike him.  My heart continually broke for him, and I honestly don’t know how he found the desire to keep pursuing this relationship. As a reader, you get a true feeling of kismet and that these two characters are meant to be together, which I honestly think is hard to accomplish through print.

“If flying from one part of the word to another, across time zones and datelines, gave one jet-lag, then what was it called when one’s heart traveled from one man to another and then back in mere minutes? I’d love to know.”

As for Blake, I loved the complexity of her character. As the woman who couldn’t choose between two men, you wanted to hate her. For leading both of these men on and not being able to choose between heart and head, you wanted to dislike her. Somehow though, I completely felt and understood her plight. Between the way she is written and her point of view chapters, there was just something about her that made me feel for her. I often found myself getting frustrated with her and internally yelling at my Kindle pushing her to do the opposite of what she was. However, every step she took just made me appreciate the journey she was on a little more. She has a lot of redemption that needs to happen, especially after that ending, but I have absolute faith that M. Mabie will pull through!

“But I was positive that I wanted her the same fucking way people wanted summer in February and how dogs want their bellies rubbed. Naturally. Lighting her up came naturally to me.”

This book is one that I know a lot of people may pass over because of the love triangle or cheating aspect. However, I can honestly say that it isn’t like anything I have previously experienced. M. Mabie is such a talented writer that she truly makes you fall in love with these characters. She might make you feel morally ambiguous at times for thinking a certain way, but it’s quite honestly done beautifully. There are scenes in this book that had me laughing out loud, and there were scenes where my heart was utterly breaking. The cliffhanger is rough and left me with so many unanswered questions. I seriously can’t WAIT to get my hands on the next book in this series! Time cannot come fast enough until I’m sucked back into this vortex!


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