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Title: Her Dom’s Lesson
Author: A.D. Justice
Series: Dominic Powers #2
Release Date: October 4, 2014



Sophia Vasco

Will he ever forgive me?

This question haunts me every day and night. He branded me with his touch to the point that no other man will ever compare.

Dominic consumed my life. Until the day he learned the truth about me and everything changed.

Nothing is as it seems and it has all spiraled out of control. The weight of the world now rests on my shoulders. I have to fix this.

Dominic Powers

Some say that Karma is a bitch. I can say from experience that a betrayed Dom is much worse than a bastard ever thought about being.

They think they played me. I denied the man inside me his rightful place and was mistaken for a fool. When I’m done with them, they will feel the lash of her Dom’s lesson.

This isn’t over.


Her Dom’s Lesson was a sweet and sexy conclusion to Sophia and Dominic’s story. The beginning of this book was filled with angst as Dominic and Sophia dealt with the repercussions of the events that unraveled at the end of book one. As a reader, I wanted to demand answers but A.D. knows just how to deliver each piece of the story so as to draw out the excitement and suspense. Both characters continued to grow on me during their journey and by the end I absolutely adored them (and many of the secondary characters too!).

Emotions ran high in this book. Dominic and Sophia had fallen in love so fast and so hard that when their fire was turned back on them, they both got burned, badly. A.D. Justice sure knows how to stick the knife in and twist. Sophia and Dominic’s torment was palpable from the start as they both tried to navigate the shock and betrayal brought on by recent events. At the same time, their undeniable connection and innate lust for one another still simmered beneath the surface, making me anxious every time they were in each other’s presence. As their families took a more prominent roll in this book, feelings got even more complicated and A.D. managed to expertly juggle some very genuine emotions.

This storyline! I was constantly being thrown for a loop as Dominic and Sophia try to get the bottom of the threats against them. Just when I thought I knew who was behind everything, A.D. would unravel another layer of deceit and completely surprise me. Right up until the end I was on edge, wondering if things were really what they seemed. This story had me engaged from page one and held my attention every step of the way. In retrospect I can appreciate the small subtleties that make this story so complete. A.D. really went above and beyond in planning the little hints dropped along the way that would eventually lead to the truth. It was these subtleties that really brought the story full circle and gave it strength.

Her Dom’s Lesson is the full package. It is sweet, sexy, romantic, thrilling, suspenseful and at times a little sad. Dominic is filthy hot but totally swoon-worthy at the same time. Sophia is feisty and strong yet kind and selfless. Both of these characters grew and evolved over the course of this story and it lightened my heart to see them come into their own and learn to trust themselves and each other completely. This was a fantastic romance suspense novel that encompassed the best of both genres. I enjoyed getting to know these unique characters and sharing in their sinful story.



Fun Facts

  1.  I haven’t met some of the best friends I have in person yet – but I plan on remedying that soon!
  2.  I love animals – we have two spoiled dogs, a cat, and two horses.
  3.  I’ve been married 25 years this year.
  4.  I have two sons – 21 and 19 – both in college.
  5.  I am a certified open water scuba diver.
  6.  I think I have an addiction to swag – I keep looking at and buying more of it!
  7.  I eat the chocolate off of Reese’s before I eat the peanut butter.
  8.  If I developed an allergy to peanuts, I would have to live on epi pens because I can’t give up peanut butter.
  9.  I don’t like having a schedule.  Deadlines and scheduled meetings are my arch nemesis.
  10.  I am a huge Star Wars, Star Trek and superheroes movies fan.
  11.  I don’t care much about what others think….except when it comes to my work.
  12.  I haven’t developed thick enough skin yet.
  13.  Writing isn’t my full time job, even though I would love for it to be one day.
  14.  I don’t want to be put in a genre box.  I want to write in several different categories.
  15.  I’m pretty out spoken.  Unfairness or bullying really pisses me off.  Picking on my friends will evoke my wrath upon your head.  It’s not pretty.
  16.  Most of the people who know me in real life don’t know I’m writing books.
  17.  I will be at several book signings this year and I love to talk to people – so stop by my table even if it’s only for the freebies!
  18.  I have an MBA in Health Care Administration and a BS in Organizational Development.
  19.  I am 4 classes shy of having a second Master’s of Science degree but I can’t bring myself to go back to school.
  20.  I took my horse, Rio, away from my husband because he’s dead broke and the mare he bought me is green broke.  I’m not riding a green broke mare.  Sorry.

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Author Bio

A.D. Justice

A.D. Justice has been married for 25 years and has two wonderful sons in college. She is also an avid reader of romance novels and, to her amazement, a self-published author. A.D. enjoys reading many different types of romance books – including drama and suspense, crime and mystery, NA and YA, and contemporary and erotica.

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