ARC REVIEW – Only by HelenKay Dimon


Title – Only
Author – HelenKay Dimon
Publication Date – October 7, 2014
Series – Holton Woods, #2



Sebastian Jameson negotiates for high-end clients who need problems taken care of quickly and discreetly. Accustomed to being in control, he’s still reeling from his ex-wife’s decision to write a tell-all about their private life, one that highlighted their bedroom activities. The fallout left Bast’s love life in chaos, making him a magnet for women who thrive on risky fantasies, and a pariah to all others.

Kyra Royer knows all about Bast’s reputation—and is intrigued enough to try to change him into a one-woman guy. But getting him into her bed will be a challenge. He’s known her brother for years, and her brother, with his rough past and sniper abilities, is not a man you cross. Kyra knows Bast thinks she’s off-limits, so she’ll have to get creative to make him hers.

As Kyra turns up the heat, Bast struggles to resist the sexy young woman’s considerable charms. But when Bast’s job turns from tricky to deadly, keeping Kyra nearby might be the only way to keep her alive—even if it means getting closer than he ever intended…


This was the first I had heard of HelenKay Dimon but I can say with absolute certainty that it will not be the last! The saucy banter and challenging nature of the characters combined with an underlying mysterious and intriguing feel to the book kept me enthralled and truly unable to put Only down.

The book primarily follows the lives of Kyra and Sebastian. Kyra has been interested in Bast for as long as she can remember. However, with Bast’s personal history on display for the world due to his ex-wife’s books, he is hesitant to enter anything that can be remotely labeled as a relationship. However, when Kyra makes her move, he learns that there is little you can control when it comes to a woman who knows what she wants.

Kyra was a sassy little firecracker who has fought her way through some horrible situations to get where she is. That determination and perseverance to not back down from anyone epitomized strength that I admire so much. The fact that she really did continue to challenge Bast and his expectations and rules made for such a refreshing heroine and really made me instantly fall in love with her character! Bast was often times a little confusing, but I think it’s because I loved Kyra so much. I often sympathized with her point of view, so I didn’t understand how Bast couldn’t see things. However, as the book continued, I realized that his character was intentionally portrayed that way which actually made me appreciate the writing even further. He was extremely intelligent, yet with women, he was sometimes incredibly clueless. He also had this tough guy exterior, but through those inner thoughts and how he treats his ex-wife, you get to see this total soft side of him. The complexity of his character through these different dynamics just had such a huge draw!

Not only was the storyline between these two characters intriguing, but I loved the secondary plot between Eli and Wade. Normally I am not big on male on male, and have never actually read anything that falls into that category, but the story of these two just captivated my heart almost as much as Kyra and Bast’s. Wade and Eli fight their attraction to each other and work to make each other fired up, but that results in these explosive, heated interactions that leave you salivating for more!

To be honest, I hadn’t realized there was a previous book with the same characters so I was a tad confused at first. I do wish that I would have read Mercy beforehand, but I don’t think it took anything away from the actual story, as it is about a different couple. Only consisted of excellent writing and sizzling chemistry with some extreme melt your panties scenes. The characters were well developed and the dialogue was always amusing to me in one form or another. Block out some time on your schedules because it was definitely easy to get lost in the pages of this hot little number!



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Author Bio

After twelve years of being a lawyer in the D.C. area, I changed gears and started writing for a living. Also moved to San Diego. No regrets…except for the loss of income. I now write romance and romantic suspense and have had my books featured in Cosmo – twice! You can also find me at

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