REVIEW – Kory by Regina Bartley

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Title: Kory
Author: Regina Bartley
Series: Rosen Brother’s #3
Release Date: August 31, 2014



Kory Rosen has always known that he was different. That he wasn’t the straight laced, responsible business man, like his brother Klay. He was the REBEL. The tattoo artist with a bad reputation. The man that would search for trouble if it didn’t find him first. He’d never experienced a broken heart before. He’d always been the one breaking girl’s hearts. Until now…

Kory has to learn to cope, and stop being the constant play-boy that spends his nights in a drunken stuper, and stop replacing one woman with random one-night stands. It’s unhealthy, and it’s not working. Real love is what he needs, or a good ass kicking. Either way he has to stop, or he’ll lose it all; his business, his friends, and the one girl that just may be able to mend his broken heart.



Kory is definitely my favorite book in the Rosen Brother’s series so far. I needed his story from the moment we met him in Klay and I’m so glad Regina delivered! It’s probably the tattoos and the fact that he’s witty and smoking hot, but something drew me to Kory right away. As the self-proclaimed “black sheep” of the Rosen family, I couldn’t wait for someone to come along and show Kory that he was a good man, worthy of being needed and wanted. Beth was just the woman for the job. These two were an addictive combination that kept me laughing while I enjoyed every step of their journey.

Beth is the kind of woman who is used to doing things on her own. Her quiet strength connected me to her from the start, investing me in her happily ever after. Regina really let us into Kory’s heart in this book. I knew from his relationship with Caroline that he was capable of taking care of someone else and that there was a lot more to him underneath the tattoos and attitude. Beth was the perfect opportunity for him to step up and put someone else first. Beth and Kory both needed to learn how to share life’s ups and downs, open themselves up and let someone in. I adored seeing Kory’s concern for Beth and his willingness to fight for her. Victoria was like icing on the cake. Kory caring for a child was unexpectedly hot!

Seeing Kory in a relationship at the end of Klay and Caroline’s books, I didn’t expect the direction of this story at all, but I loved the story that unfolded in this book, unquestionably. I couldn’t have picked a more perfect match for Kory. Beth has been dealt some difficult cards in life, so her personal journey is definitely an emotional one. Once Kory inserts himself in her life, the feelings just started flowing. Regina portrayed the conflicting emotions that colored this story, perfectly. I really felt Beth’s inner struggle and Kory’s frustration and confusion radiated from the page. Kory’s book was satisfying and genuine. This couple is one I hope we’ll be seeing again soon. I can’t seem to get enough of Klay, Caroline, Kory and Beth!



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