REVIEW – Klay by Regina Bartley

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Title: Klay
Author: Regina Bartley
Series: Rosen Brother’s #1
Release Date: January 18, 2014



Klay Rosen has had one dream and that is taking over the family business. There has never been time for anything or anyone else. His parents are the only thing standing in the way of him getting what he wants. They believe that status and wealth are the most important things in life and that Klay should marry someone with power and status.

When Klay finally makes an attempt at love, he is faced with the most difficult decision. He must decide if he can stay with Caroline and give up on the only dream he has ever had, Rosen Enterprises.

His parents say that she isn’t good enough. They’ll stop at nothing to keep them apart, even if it means sabotaging the woman that he loves.

He knows what he wants and how far he’ll go to get it. It’s time everyone else knows too.

**Recommended for ages 18+ due to graphic language, sexual content, and mature subject matter.**



Klay is a sweet story through and through. I actually read some of Regina’s newer work before I went back to begin this series. I was really able to gauge her growth as a writer and it was awesome to see. Klay and Caroline are a mismatched pair that come from completely different worlds, but it makes their story such an emotional and romantic journey. Klay is definitely book boyfriend material and I was swooning over him in a heartbeat.

Caroline took me by complete surprise. She was unlike any heroine I’ve met before and I just had so much fun watching her transformation over the course of this story. I could tell from the beginning that she definitely had some secrets she was guarding closely and as the book progressed I really adored the view on life it gave her. Everything was new and exciting and I could feel her joy radiating from the pages. Her relationship with Klay was the perfect platform for self-discovery.

Relationships that encourage mutual personal growth are the best to read about and Klay and Caroline were no exception. Watching Caroline blossom and accept her true worth was so satisfying and seeing Klay come into his own and learn to go after what he wants was perfect. To be honest, the editing was a little rough at times and it was noticeable, but it didn’t diminish the heartfelt sentiment of the story or the honest and vulnerable nature of the characters. I’m excited to read Caroline’s story in the next book.


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