BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY – Wherever You Will Go by Stephanie Smith

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Title: Wherever You Will Go
Author: Stephanie Smith
Series: Try Again #1
Release Date: August 4, 2014

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Brooke Willis had everything she ever wanted: a happy marriage, volunteer placement at the art gallery, and the promise of starting a family with the man of her dreams.

Saxon Reed had everything he ever thought he needed: a successful career, nice cars, expensive apartment, and more money than he knew what to do with.

After losing her husband Brooke insists on taking over his company to keep his dreams alive. Struggling in an industry she knows nothing about, Brooke turns to Saxon, her husband’s best friend and business partner, for guidance and support. Their mutual grief, and Saxon’s need to look after his best friend’s wife, creates a connection beyond just business.

Can Brooke take over the company and find a new life without saying goodbye to the past? Can Saxon protect and care for Brooke without scaring her away.

What happens when your heart doesn’t listen to your head? When lines are crossed and boundaries are pushed?

“Life goes on, whether you choose to move forward and take a chance in the unknown or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could’ve been. I don’t want to live in the past anymore. I’m so lonely; there’s nothing for me here.”


I love a good, emotional read. I absolutely adore characters that struggle, that have been broken and felt the pain of living. Wherever You Will Go hits the mark! This story wasn’t what I expected. There was so much more light passing through this story than I would have guessed. Yes, the emotions in this book are real and raw and heartbreaking, but the hope and love that radiates from every page balances the devastation well. Stephanie certainly knows how to play a reader’s heartstrings and she had mine wound tight throughout this entire book. This is a great debut novel!

Saxon is perfectly yummy. He’s successful, loyal, good looking and single. When he and Brooke suffer a mutual tragedy, their worlds turn upside-down as circumstances encourage them to come together. They’re both stubborn, determined to figure things out on their own and to keep their feelings to themselves. This creates a lot of friction as these two navigate their new roles in each other’s lives. The emotional journey through this book nearly crushed my heart. Stephanie made sure we were right there inside Brooke’s head and heart as she processed her grief and tried to find a way to live again.

This story has a lot of light, fun moments that really brightened this otherwise deep story. The character development was great and I really felt the recovery and transformation of Saxon and Brooke throughout the story. Honestly, I would love to have had more from Saxon’s point of view. There were several critical scenes where I was dying to know what he was thinking. Brooke and Saxon’s struggle is genuine. There was no instant-love, no magic healing and no immediate satisfaction for either of them. Their moments of joy were hard-fought and definitely well deserved. It was easy to like these characters and connect with their story. I look forward to reading more from this author.




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Author Bio


I’m first & foremost a reader & fangirl, I will always be first & foremost a reader & fangirl. I am on street teams, I pimp and I brag. I LOVE my Authors!!
I have recently started writing as a way to relax and spend some time for me. My first novel Wherever You Will Go is due to release later this year. I’m having so much fun writing my first story and I’m looking forward to the journey it is taking me on.

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