REVIEW – Reasonable Doubt by Whitney G.


Title: Reasonable Doubt
Author: Whitney G.
Release Date: September 16, 2014

Reasonable Doubt Full Series


My cock has an appetite.

A huge and very particular appetite: Blonde, curvy, and preferably not a fucking liar… (Although, that’s a story for another day.)

As a high profile lawyer, I don’t have time to waste on relationships, so I fulfill my needs by anonymously chatting and sleeping with women I meet online.

My rules are simple: One dinner. One night. No repeats.

This is only casual sex. Nothing more. Nothing less.

At least it was , until “Alyssa”…

She was supposed to be a 27 year old lawyer, a book hoarder, and completely unattractive. She was supposed to be someone I shared law advice with late at night, someone I could trust with details of my weekly escapades.

But then she came into my firm for an interview—a college-intern interview, and everything fucking changed…



This story doesn’t pull any punches. Whitney G. immerses us immediately in the world of Thoreau. He lives by the motto “One dinner. One night. No repeats.” The only consistent woman in his life is Alyssa, a woman he met on a networking website for lawyers. Whitney G. makes it obvious from the start that Thoreau and Alyssa have something different, something special between them. Their conversations are easy, personal and straight to the point. They both have such determined, stubborn personalities and it makes for some incredibly amusing banter.

Thoreau/Andrew is an enigma. His entire past is a mystery and his present life is superficial at best. He is hot, demanding, and 100% alpha. He seems to have zero filter, saying every single thing that comes to mind in explicit detail. Whitney G. definitely created an intriguing and sexy character that continually surprised me. When Alyssa’s identity comes to light, I wanted to laugh. She was absolutely nothing like Andrew expected. I was shocked, but it was such a fantastic surprise and I knew this story was just getting started. Once these two can no longer hide behind their keyboards, things start to get explosive.

Whitney could not have written a more intense or passionate duo. Everything about these two is scorching and they take that with them into every interaction they share. Their conversations and impromptu encounters radiate heat and need. Watching them both try to find a new normal after everything changes is addicting and I found myself consumed by this story instantly. Just as I was getting used to the constant battle between lust and hate, another truth is revealed. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe we were being left with that cliffhanger! I was desperate to see what happened next because this story was nowhere near a happily every after. RATING – 5 STARS



At the end of volume one we are left with the knowledge that Andrew isn’t at all who he seems to be. His past has come knocking and the secrets he thought were long buried rise to the surface. Meanwhile, Aubrey is falling for this infuriating man who refuses to allow an emotional connection to take hold. This volume is all about the angst. Andrew thinks love only leads to heartbreak and pain and he isn’t willing to take that risk ever again. As little pieces of his past start to come together, my heart ached for Andrew. Whitney knows how to keep her readers on the edge of their seats. She gave us just enough to keep us feeling for Andrew, but not enough to fully understand him.

I absolutely adored watching Aubrey slip past Andrew’s defenses. The glimpses of him we would see with her were hopeful of a happily ever after. I wanted that for them. I wanted to hug Aubrey each and every time Andrew tried to push her away, throwing up his walls in an effort to avoid being broken again. I actually wanted to slap Andrew several times for being so completely clueless! I like Aubrey more and more as this story progresses. Whitney certainly created a fantastic character in her. She is strong and stubborn but her emotions run deep and she isn’t afraid to feel. Both characters grew considerably in this novella as more pieces of their pasts fell into place and more of their personalities were able to shine through.

As this volume came to an end, Whitney drops another big bomb on us in regards to Andrew’s past. Unlike with volume one, where I was left absolutely pissed and wondering what the hell was going on, this time I felt as if this carefully constructed world was shattering. I felt bad for ever wanting to slap Andrew because I could certainly understand how his past would make him close himself off to the world. This volume was just as good as the first, if not better. Whitney filled volume two with heat and passion, as well as angst and uncertainty. I can only imagine what waits for us in the final volume of this story. RATING – 5 STARS



If volume 2 was all about angst, then volume 3 was all about emotion. I absolutely loved how Whitney wrapped up this serial. There were a lot of questions that needed to be answered and plenty of personal growth still to come from the characters and Whitney did not disappoint! This volume took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. I was right there with Andrew and Aubrey as they experienced some devastating lows as well as some incredible highs. Whitney took her time with this story, making sure every piece fell perfectly into place and that these two got the resolution they needed.

These characters have been through a lot together already, but what they experience in this final volume had my head spinning. Aubrey has really matured and come into her own over the course of this series. The girl we see in volume three is much more in control. She’s living life on her own terms and she is determined not to let anyone, not even Andrew, change that. On the other hand, Andrew has had to learn to relinquish some control, to let other people in and not be afraid to feel things again. I felt like these two really helped each other evolve, each giving the other the necessary strength to take what they need from life.

Everything unravels in this volume, including Andrew. Seriously. His past is finally revealed and it was unexpected. Whitney really had bits and pieces of his story hidden throughout the series, but until it all comes together, you really have no idea what he’s dealing with. My heart was broken for him several times over the course of this book. I was equal parts frustrated with him and devastated for him. He and Aubrey took hold of the rest of my heart in volume three as their journey came to an emotional and beautiful conclusion. I hated waiting to find out how their story would end, but it was definitely worth the wait! RATING – 5 STARS



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