REVIEW – Taming Alec by K.A. Robinson

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Title: Taming Alec
Author: K.A. Robinson
Release Date: July 21, 2014

Taming Alec


Rebecca is the good girl. She doesn’t have time to think about a normal social life—let alone, her nonexistent love life. Fresh out of college, she moves into her very first apartment. Her safe world explodes when she meets her new neighbor, Alec. Tattooed, pierced, and with a body to kill, he’s every woman’s wet dream. Too bad he’s arrogant beyond belief. Rebecca instantly hates him. Unfortunately, her body doesn’t agree.

When Rebecca’s best friend, Arie, comes up with a plan to put Alec in his place, Rebecca jumps at the chance. Their plan is perfect—except neither of them counted on Rebecca falling for Alec when she sees another side to him.

Caught somewhere between lust and hate, Alec and Rebecca each fight against their own emotions. Will Rebecca walk away? Or will she be able to tame Alec and his wild ways?


Taming Alec is a quick, fun, sexy read that will leave you wishing it was a full-length novel. Alec is everything you could want in a bad boy. He’s hot, mysterious and cocky. He lives by his own rules and isn’t ready for sweet and innocent Rebecca to make him question that. I loved watching Alec push Rebecca’s buttons almost as much as I enjoyed watching Rebecca unknowingly causing Alec to come undone. I always enjoy the neighbor storyline. There’s so much added tension when the object of your lust lives right next door and K.A. Robinson does not disappoint. The sparks fly between these two almost immediately and K.A. makes sure you can feel the friction in the air. I was just waiting for the moment when things would combust.

“I care about you. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. But I won’t break you, Rebecca. You’re one of the few unbroken things in this fucked-up world.”

I hate that this is only a novella. I’m so intrigued by Alec and Rebecca’s dynamic. They are both inexperienced when it comes to relationships, their personalities so distinctly different from one another, that I know I would enjoy seeing them navigate the roads ahead. I just know there would be plenty of ups and downs and some seriously scorching make-ups. Both characters have so much more maturing to do and plenty of insecurities to overcome. K.A. left a lot of room for personal growth with these characters and I would love to get to experience that with them. I definitely need more of Arie, Rebecca’s best friend. She is a firecracker and I couldn’t help laughing at her ridiculous antics. Her tough love attitude was the perfect balance to Rebecca’s people pleasing and I was really hoping to see her take Alec down a peg. If you want a quick taste of the fabulous K.A. Robinson, Taming Alec will definitely deliver.


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