NEW RELEASE REVIEW – To Hell and Back by Leigha Taylor

To Hell and Back Banner

Title: To Hell and Back
Author: Leigha Taylor
Release Date: July 19, 2014

To Hell and Back


Brielle Douglas is the girl who always keeps her head down; she stays quiet, does her school work and never socializes. But sometimes the quiet ones have the most they wish they could say.

Brielle’s life has been a living hell since she lost her mother to cancer five years ago. Her abusive, alcoholic father keeps her under tight rule, and her only goal is to graduate, move on and never look back.

When Brielle meets gorgeous ex-TV star Carson Malone, she sees it as a one-time meeting, a chance encounter, a memory to cherish. But when her home life goes from bad to horrific, Carson steps in to pick up the pieces.

Learning how to trust and to be free isn’t easy, but, with Carson by her side, Brie has a chance. If only the Devil from her past stays in Hell where he belongs.


To Hell and Back is Leigha Taylor’s debut novel and the story of Brielle and Carson. Brie has been living in a toxic environment; constantly being told that she lacks any true worth.  Carson lives in the spotlight. His life is one where he is always being worshipped. These two opposites are brought together by a chance encounter that will change them both unexpectedly.

Carson and Brie have their work cut out for them. Brie struggles with a long list of insecurities and the attention Carson garners wherever he goes threatens to bring her anxiety flooding back at every moment.  Leigha did a great job at portraying all of these emotions throughout the story. Brie’s nervous energy, overwhelming uncertainty, and reluctance to accept anything good happening to her drips off of the pages. You can’t help but worry with her and hope she finds a way to get to her happily ever after.

Leigha’s characters are completely relatable and entirely loveable. She has created a feel-good story that speaks to the insecure nature in all of us. The road to self-acceptance, trust and love isn’t an easy one and she makes sure we appreciate every bump in the road, every stumble and every triumph Carson and Brie experience along their journey. This was a lovely debut novel and a heartfelt story. I’m excited to see what Leigha Taylor writes next.


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