Fun Facts Friday: Book Bash Recap!


A few weeks ago we made a break for it. These Partners in Crime escaped from our every day lives and stress and headed to Orlando for Book Bash! This was the first trip to Book Bash for both of us and it was C’s first book signing ever. We’ve both been incredibly busy since returning from our fabulous weekend away, but we didn’t want to leave you hanging. So this week, instead of Fun Facts, we are doing a little Book Bash recap. Here are some of our favorite moments from that amazing weekend. Obviously, the best part of our getaway was getting to spend time together. We were inseparable in high school and since then life has found us in different states living our lives way too far from each other. We were in desperate need of some Partner in Crime time and we couldn’t have come up with a better excuse to do just that.

PIC time


One of the coolest things that happened to us at Book Bash was having authors appreciate our T-shirts. We honestly just made them for us, but we were so excited every time someone complimented us on our shirts or asked where they could get one. Icing on the cake? Having the authors we included on the shirt tell us how much it meant to them… seriously?! It was an amazing feeling. JB Salsbury and Kendall Grey both made us fangirl hard when they insisted on getting pictures with the back of our shirts. Abbi Glines even took a picture and Instagramed it which pretty much floored us. We were honored and so shocked. We love that these ladies are all so down to earth and in touch with their readers.


One of the best things about Book Bash is having everyone stay in the same hotel. Outside of the signing we were able to meet and talk to so many of the authors and it was such a surreal feeling. We managed to meet and chat with Jamie McGuire, Abbi Glines and Colleen Hoover in the lobby one morning! We even got to hug-bomb Colleen. She was doing a scavenger hunt for advanced copies of Ugly Love. She posted locations and clues and challenges on social media to find copies. We both stalked twitter until we managed to snag one by being the first people to run and hug her upon her return to the hotel. I’m pretty sure we almost knocked her over but it was so worth it. 😉



We ran into Chelle Bliss in the lobby. She wasn’t signing but we were so excited to meet her. We had to grab a selfie! We met up with JB Salsbury, JL Berg, Harper Sloan, JA Huss, and K. Bromberg during the pre-registration get together. Having pre-registration the night before was an awesome way to let readers meet more of their favorite authors without the chaos of the signing. JB Salsbury cracked us up when she forbid us to post the picture we took with her at pre-registration because she was “not photo ready” (she was gorgeous by the way).



At the signing we got to meet many more of our favorite authors including Alessandra Torre, Chelsea M. Cameron, Kendall Grey, Jay Crownover, RK Lilley and Kelly Elliott. We were pretty overwhelmed by all the amazing ladies we were able to meet. Sometimes it was hard even getting words out because we were so anxious/nervous/excited.


We have to say, we think we rocked Book Bash. Seeing as it was our first time there and we were kind of winging it we managed to do pretty much everything we wanted. B got all of her books signed and C managed all but one author who ran out of time and stopped signing more than one thing near the end of the event. We had no idea how much we had actually brought with us/bought until we got back up to our room and unloaded our loot. Once we had it all spread out it was INSANE! We just wanted to roll around in all the happiness, but then we wouldn’t want to ruin our pretty pretty books. We also managed to snag some goodies for giveaways, so be sure and keep up with us on FB for a chance to win.


We also had a ton of fun meeting up with some of our fabulous FB friends. We love all of the amazing friends we have made since we started blogging, joined Street Teams and fan groups. It was such a cool feeling actually getting to meet some of those fantastic people. Jamie McGuire’s MacPack made sure to meet up and have some fun together. We had a blast with these ladies and are so glad we got to meet them in person finally!


Finally, at the after party, Griffin Peterson came and played a mini concert. We fangirled hard over this gorgeous man with the swoon-worthy voice. He sang the Maybe Someday soundtrack and we had a BLAST. It was so awesome being up by the stage and listening to our favorite songs from one of our favorite books being played live. It was the PERFECT way to end the weekend and close out this incredible experience.


It was definitely a weekend we will never forget and it was even more special to have experienced it together as both bloggers and dedicated readers. We’re hoping to start a tradition and make it to at least one big signing a year together. The authors, bloggers and readers we’ve met on this crazy journey make all of this so much fun and worth doing. ❤ Happy Friday, Prisoners!


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