REVIEW – The Wager by Rachel Van Dyken

The Wager

Title – The Wager
Author – Rachel Van Dyken
Series – The Bet, #2

The Wager



Lose a bet, lose your heart…

What is it about a junior-high crush that can send an otherwise intelligent woman into a tailspin? TV reporter Char Lynn wishes she knew. Jake Titus is too rich, too handsome, too arrogant: a trifecta that once lured Char into the best night-and worst morning-after-of her life. Now they’ve been thrown together in a wedding party. It’s awkward, but survivable . . . until Jake stops acting like a jerk, and starts acting like the man she’d always hoped he could be.

If watching your brother marry your best friend is weird, being attracted to your best friend’s other best friend is downright bizarre. Unfortunately for Jake, Char hasn’t forgotten how he once tossed her aside. Worse still, Jake’s already-nutty grandma is even crazier about Char. Cue meet-cute shenanigans and all manner of meddling, and somehow, Jake’s falling. For Char. Now all he has to do is make her believe it…

Bs Review

If you haven’t read The Bet series by RVD you NEED to. This entire series is romantic comedy perfection. I loved The Bet and quickly fell for Travis and Kacey. To be honest, Jake was kind of the guy you wanted to punch in the face or kick in the… well… you know. The Wager is Jake’s story and I have to say it was utterly fantastic. Jake and Char’s story is every bit the emotional rollercoaster as The Bet with the same explosion of sarcasm and fire that had me rolling with laughter.

“Karma: It was finally coming for him. And it was in the form of an eighty-six-year-old woman with lipstick on her teeth. Hell.”

 It has to be said. Grandma Nadine is divine. This is her world and we’re just living in it. Her meddling ways are kicked up a notch in The Wager and the hilarity that ensues will have your stomach hurting from laughing so hard. Grandma intends to ruin Jake before convincing him and Char that they were made for each other. As Maid of Honor and Best Man in Travis and Kacey’s wedding they are thrown together to complete a list full of wedding tasks. The things Grandma Nadine has in store for these two are absolutely insane.

“Siri,” he said aloud to his phone. “Find me the closest bar.”

There is a lot of depth and emotion behind each character and every relationship in this story and their lives are so beautifully intertwined that you can’t help but find yourself choked up and the more touching moments. This book is filled with moments of doubt, self-reflection and guilt that will rip your heart out. But as only Rachel Van Dyken can do, she’ll make sure you’re smiling while you blink back tears. Filled with pop culture references, a limitless supply of sexual innuendos and squirrels (yes. Squirrels), The Wager does not disappoint. This is a must read.



Cs Review

I couldn’t stop laughing AGAIN throughout this book! I’m not just talking a giggle here and there either. I was literally snorting from laughing. I think everyone needs a Grandma Nadine in their lives! I loved this book. Much like the first, it was a beautiful love story with humor and crazy antics mixed in there! Oh, and of course we got to see the wedding 😀



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