REVIEW – Front & Center by A.M. Madden

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Title: Front & Center
Series: Back-Up #2
Author: A.M. Madden
Release Date: February 12, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Front & Center


Jack was a rock star on the way to fame. Leila was following her dream and joining his band as a back-up singer. An insane attraction sparked between them that they couldn’t deny. Attraction quickly led to so much more. They ignored all the warnings and fell in love.

When the couple embark on their tour, they couldn’t be more excited to travel the country hand in hand on the way to stardom. The road ahead is filled with miles and miles of possibilities. Along with their band, Devil’s Lair, they feel nothing could stop them.

An angry ex-band-mate, a pregnant ex-girlfriend, and never-ending Internet gossip all attempt to wreak havoc on their developing relationship. New love does not mix well with stress, pressure and guilt. Together they face each and every challenge, stubbornly fighting for what they have. Will their determination be enough?


I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect addition to the Back-Up series. A.M. Madden really set the bar high with Back-Up and I had some crazy expectations when it came to Front & Center. To say she surpassed my expectations would be an understatement. Front & Center completely rocked my world! This book took me on an incredible ride through the ups and downs of fame and life on the road with Devil’s Lair. Jack and Leila have their work cut out for them as they struggle to balance their new relationship with their emerging fame and the baggage they’re forced to drag with them.

The characters that A.M. has so skillfully crafted are beautiful, raw and completely genuine. I fell in love hard with Jack, Leila and the rest of their crazy crew all over again in this book. A.M. brings these characters to life through their interactions, conversations, and insane antics. At the end of Back-Up I felt like I wanted to know these characters in real life. By the end of Front & Center I felt like I absolutely did. In my mind we’d all been friends for a long time and I was a part of their story. These characters will make you laugh, cry, roll your eyes, shake your head and sigh in contentment. They will imprint themselves upon your heart and leave you feeling gratified and complete.

This story had me turned inside out and upside down. The emotions I experienced while reading Front & Center were intense and complicated and downright confusing at times. There were times when I wished I could reach through the pages and hug one of the characters. I often found myself exclaiming out loud at what an idiot someone was being. And then there were moments, where I wanted to physically hurt a fictional character, which caught me by surprise. Needless to say, there were also some tears shed on my part. To say this story took me on an emotional rollercoaster doesn’t seem sufficient. Front & Center was a tempest of emotion that had me praying that the characters would survive the turbulence.

Jack and Leila’s journey has been a fantastic one so far. A.M. Madden has bewitched me completely. Her characters have stolen my heart and their stories effortlessly held me captive in the world she created. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for this fabulous bunch in the third book, Encore. I know I won’t be disappointed. I hope this is not the end of our journey with Devil’s Lair. I’m already invested in the rest of the band and I hope we get to hear their stories some day soon.


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