REVIEW – Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting

Clipped Wings

Title – Clipped Wings
Author – Helena Hunting
Publication Date – March 4, 2014
Series – Clipped Wings, #1



An emotional love story that follows the touch-and-go relationship of Hayden and Tenley; two young people who desperately want to love and be loved but are afraid to completely let go of their pasts.

As Hayden and Tenley navigate their newfound but slightly unstable relationship, they want to trust each other, but Hayden is hiding a dark and shameful past that he doesn’t ever want Tenley to find out about. And Tenley has secrets of her own that could make Hayden run away forever. When Tenley asks Hayden to put a beautifully elaborate tattoo across her back, the two form what they thought was an unshakeable bond. But when Tenley’s past shows up on her doorstep, will Hayden stand by her side…or run?


Helena Hunting surprised me with this book! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I’m glad that I took a chance and read it – especially after the introduction of the characters in Cupcakes & Ink. There wasn’t a ton of action, but it really worked with the storyline and overall arc of the book. Clipped Wings was about more than just a couple characters, a love story, tattoos, etc. It was a true journey of recovery and healing. These two just wanted to feel something again, but were so afraid to take that actual leap.

Tenley was running to escape a devastating event and Hayden was learning to live with a horrifying past. I loved the somewhat parallel paths they were on and the different ways that they coped with them. I have a feeling that Tenley will stick with me for a long time. She appeared as weak at times, but in actuality she is one of the strongest females I’ve encountered. I don’t know that I would have been able to survive what she did. Hayden was pretty special too. I’m so curious to get more of his history and his past! He’s such a mystery, but I loved how protective he became of Tenley. They just felt so perfect for each other; complementing each other wonderfully.

Clipped Wings is one of those books that made me stop and not just take the book for face value. While a lot of us try to be non-judgmental, we may see someone with tattoos and piercings and jump to some wrong conclusions. I think Clipped Wings did a great job of making you stop and sort of evaluate and realize that ink usually has a story and is unique to each person. Having Tenley assess this concept in her studies was weaved in so well with how the story was written that it really drove the point home, making the concept one of my favorite parts. I love a book that makes you think, and not just accept words in the story, and this one sure did that! It will tug on your heartstrings and force you to simply FEEL. I really did adore Clipped Wings and can’t wait to read the next piece of the journey!



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