SPOTLIGHT TOUR & GIVEAWAY – Take Me For Granted by K.A. Linde

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Title: Take Me For Granted
Series: Take Me #1
Author: K.A. Linde
Release Date: April 29, 2014




Manwhore. Adrenaline junkie. Lead singer of ContraBand. What you see is what you get. I make no apologies for my actions, and by now no one expects any from me. I live my life the way I want and as long as it pushes the demons back, then I’m solid. I’ve never needed a chick for more than a good lay. Why would I need just one when I can have a different one every night?

Until she walks into my world.


Mouthy. Perfectionist. Princeton student. Chemistry major. Yes, that pretty much describes me. Oh, and virgin. But I’m only nineteen, and have more important things to concern myself with. What really matters is finishing my degree and getting a good job. I’ve worked hard for what I want, and do what’s expected of me. I don’t need anyone to get in my way.

Until he opens up my world.

But if I give you my world, whatever you do…don’t TAKE ME for granted.


Grant and Aribel couldn’t come from more different worlds. Grant doesn’t have money, his past is complicated and his only goal in life is to let go. Drugs, alcohol, women and music keep him from feeling and that’s how he prefers it. Aribel is control. She comes from a buttoned-up family in a world of money, ambition and perfection. She works hard and focuses on school in order to secure the life her parents have mapped out for her. The last thing she sees coming is the hurricane that is Grant.

“I felt like he’d blow my carefully constructed world into tiny pieces.”

Grant and Ari were both characters I could get behind. I immediately felt connected to Ari. Her innocence and sheltered view of life was incredibly endearing and I couldn’t wait to watch her explore the world on her own. Ari is smart, driven, polite, and beautiful but there is a fire inside her that only Grant can bring out. Seeing the world through her eyes had me feeling like I was experiencing everything for the first time with her. I loved seeing her character grow confident and strong over the course of the story. Grant was the wild child. He was living the fast life and headed nowhere in particular. He only cared about one thing. His music. His exuberance and the unapologetic way he lived his life was entertaining and fun. Grant was the burst of color that this story needed to make me feel the extreme emotions, whether that meant complete devastation or incredible joy.

“I kind of bring you back down to earth, and I think you open up my world a bit.”

The storyline was great and had me captivated from start to finish. Sure, there are a lot of themes that seem to be pretty common in rockstar novels, but the manner in which this story was told set it apart from the others in my mind. Grant and Ari’s story was told in dual POV (which I love). The emotions ran high in both viewpoints. Being able to see what both of them were thinking and feeling about the same situation created a world that felt raw and real and complete. I was in deep with Grant and Ari.

“Every time I see you, Princess, I feel better. Every single day, you push away the pain and the memories. You’re my life raft in an endless ocean. You saved me from drowning. You saved me from myself.”

This story gave me emotional whiplash, in the best way possible. I was so elated at their moments of happiness that I actually had that unsettling feeling in my stomach where I was just waiting for the bottom to drop out. When it did my heart ached for them. At this point there was no going back because I knew I was all in. Grant and Ari had become a part of me and I desperately needed to know where their story was going. The ending took me a little by surprise. It wasn’t a cliffhanger (thank goodness!!) but it definitely left us open to the possibility of another book in the future. I’m hopeful that we will be seeing more of Grant and Ari down the road along with the rest of their crazy crew. This was an awesome read and I enjoyed every second of Take Me For Granted and the vibrant characters we were introduced to. 



“So, after your phone died earlier today, you didn’t call me back.” Aribel rolled her eyes and picked up her pace, carrying us out across an open field.

“Do you need my number for next time?” She humphed and kept walking. Jesus, what is with this chick? “You don’t take jokes very well, do you?”
“Excuse me, but did I lose a glass slipper or something?” she asked.
“What?” “A glass slipper. Do I look like Cinderella to you? Are you some kind of prince trying to sweep me off my feet? What is this whole charade, Grant?”
“No charade, babe. I just wanted to see you and take you out.”
“Uh-huh. Where exactly are you taking me?” I smirked at her.
“Dinner.” My bed.
“Why do I have a feeling that we’re not talking about eating the same thing?” I chuckled to myself. She had me there.
“Oh, come on. I didn’t even say that.” Though, if I had it my way, I’d be doing more than that tonight.
“You didn’t have to,” she called over her shoulder. I caught up to her again and started walking backward in front of her. I was probably making a spectacle of myself, but I didn’t really care. She didn’t even seem to notice that people were staring at us.
“Look, I really do want to take you out. I’m not one to deny myself the things I want, but I was talking about eating food with you.”
“No. And anyway, how did you know to find me? Are you stalking me or something now? Should I invest in a rape whistle?”
“No, but you can blow my whistle, baby.”

“Oh, dear Lord.”

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Author Bio

K.A. Linde graduated with her Masters in political science from the University of Georgia in 2012. She also has a bachelors in political science and philosophy. She wrote her the Avoiding Series while struggling through advanced statistical modeling and writing her thesis. She enjoys dancing and writing novels that keep you guessing until the very end.

She currently resides in Georgia with her boyfriend and two puppies, Lucy and Riker.

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2 thoughts on “SPOTLIGHT TOUR & GIVEAWAY – Take Me For Granted by K.A. Linde

  1. Teresa says:

    I would so like to read this book. I have not read anything by this author and love finding new books to enjoy. From what I read, this is the type of book that I usualy pick. 🙂

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