RELEASE DAY & GIVEAWAY – Imaginary Lines by Allison Parr

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Title: Imaginary Lines
Allison Parr
New York Leopards #3
Release Date:
April 14, 2014

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Tamar Rosenfeld has been in love with New York Leopards linebacker Abraham Krasner since they were twelve years old. She’d always considered it destiny that they’d end up together…until Abe was drafted and she professed her feelings in a moment of blind excitement. The sting of his rejection was like nothing she’d ever felt before, and it’s nothing she’ll ever forget.

Older and wiser, Tamar has landed a dream job as a reporter for one of New York’s premier athletic websites. Determined to stop being the safe, boring girl she’s felt like for most of her life, Tamar makes a list of all the things she wants to do and see in her new city, and Getting Over Abraham is priority number one.

But destiny has finally chosen to interfere. Just as Tamar’s decided to move on, Abe’s realized she’s the only woman for him. When he confides the truth, Tamar has to decide if she can put her crush behind her, or take a chance on the very man who’s been holding her back all these years.


When I saw that there was a new book in the New York Leopards series I was SO excited. If you haven’t checked this series out, you definitely should. It combines some of my favorite things: New York City, alpha men, football and strong women. Then I found out that this was Abe’s story and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book!! We first met Abe in Rush Me as the sweet, Jewish pro football rookie, finding his place within the rest of the team. In Imaginary Lines we finally get to hear his story. Abe grew up with Tamar. They were best friends until the night Tamar admitted that she was in love with Abe. He broke her heart and moved across the country to start his career as a professional football player in NYC. Four years after getting her heart broken by Abe, Tamar gets her dream job in NYC putting her back in the same city as the man she’s never been able to evict from her heart.

“That was what I was going to do here in New York, in this city of metal and gray and magic. I was going to do everything. Everything was going to be perfect.”

First of all, I love stories about childhood friends who start to see each other in a different light. Love built on a solid foundation of friendship allows you to bypass the superficial getting-to-know-you stage in a relationship and delve deeply into the emotions and the personal growth of the characters. I adored seeing how Abe and Tamara’s relationship began and how it changed as the years passed. The flashbacks were perfectly woven into the story so as to best exemplify their transformations. Abe was seriously addictive. Every word he spoke and every gesture of loyalty and love blew me away. Tamar was the perfect balance of vulnerable girl whose heart had been shattered and twenty-something, bound and determined to make it on her own terms. Together they were the perfect collision of wit, charm, stubbornness, uncertainty and possibility.

“I’d spent more time looking at him than my own reflection. He’d made an indelible mark on my soul, in the shape of his hand on mine, his eyes, his lips. I missed him when he was gone, even in these past years when the ache had become so routine it was nothing more than background noise. He was like a phantom limb. A phantom soul mate.”

Our favorite New York Leopards make appearances throughout the book, as do their wonderful ladies. I’m always happy to see old friends and I was anxious to see how Tamar would fit in with the usual crowd. We also got a glimpse into Abe and Tamar’s families, who needless to say, provided their own entertaining moments. The new supporting characters were colorful additions to the story and helped me fall a little more in love with Tamar’s world. I’d love to see this story through Abe’s eyes. Every time he said something that stole the breath from my lungs I was dying to know what was going through his gorgeous head.

“So I have the power to break your heart. Good. Because you could smash mine to smithereens if you wanted to.”

I absolutely loved Abe and Tamar’s story. It was genuine and difficult and not without its setbacks. It was truly an emotional journey filled with romantic highs and heartbreaking lows. Their shared history and lifelong friendship gave them the strength they needed to let go of the past and accept the future. The dialogue was endlessly amusing and the characters were wonderfully developed throughout the book. With Imaginary Lines, Allison Parr has yet again managed to leave me with a happy heart and a satisfied soul.


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Author Bio

Allison Parr

Allison Parr is the author of Rush Me, Running Back, and Imaginary Lines. She grew up in small town New England, where she developed an incurable case of wanderlust. After graduating with degrees in archaeology and creative writing, she spent the next several years living in San Francisco, Paris, Boston, and New York.  When she’s not traveling or writing, she’s making a mean chocolate cake or bad historical jokes. She’s also amassing enough books to rival the library in Beauty and the Beast.

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