REVIEW – Back-Up by A.M. Madden

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Title: Back-Up
Series: Back-Up #1
Author: A.M. Madden
Release Date: January 6, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance



Leila Marino’s biggest dream is to become a rock star. A lucky opportunity has her auditioning with an up & coming rock band named Devil’s Lair. The band hires Leila as their back-up singer, signing her up for months in the studio and touring on the road with the sexy bunch.

Jack is the quintessential rock star…gorgeous…sexy…a walking orgasm. Jack Lair is the lead singer of Devil’s Lair and his dreams are becoming reality as his band climbs the ladder of success. He’s living the perfect life, and enjoying every minute of it. With a steady stream of sexual conquests that satisfies his raging libido, he thinks he has all he needs in life…until Leila enters it.

Jack is not prepared for the sudden pull he feels towards Leila, and struggles daily to deny his attraction is anything more. Leila finds falling for her new boss is constant torment. Both convince themselves friendship is their only option.

An intimate moment causes their willpower to collapse, and their erotic love affair to begin. Finding love was a bonus that neither Jack nor Leila anticipated. As they begin their tour together professionally and personally, life couldn’t be any better for the couple. Until a mistake from Jack’s past threatens their new relationship, and their perfect future together.


Where does one even begin with Jack Lair? He’s hot. He’s talented. He’s a rockstar. He works hard and plays harder. Music is his world. Until he meets Leila. Leila was a refreshing heroine in a not so typical girl-meets-rockstar love story. I’m used to the alpha rockstar running things. But not Leila. Leila is a force all her own and I couldn’t help but love her for it. Leila is part of the band, Cliffhangers. They are the live entertainment at a local bar, The Zone. Leila can hold her own and she finds herself auditioning to sing back-up for the rock band, Devil’s Lair. Jack, meet Leila. Singing together ignites a fire neither of them can ignore, but is an attraction worth jeopardizing a dream career?

“It’s not fair to any man I meet from here on. As long as Jack walks on this earth, he is and will always be my weakness.”

Leila is driven, determined and has a knack for blowing people away with her voice. She is committed to making a career out of music for not just herself, but her bandmates as well.  A.M. Madden skillfully crafted a female character that is unafraid to go after what she wants while managing to remain completely likeable. She earns her success and is determined to avoid a relationship that might compromise that. Jack and Leila decide to build a friendship and this is where the author won me over. There was no urgency to get together just because Jack is a rockstar and their attraction is undeniable. They consider the impact that giving into their feelings would have on their lives and careers. Their friendly, yet somewhat awkward encounters and attempts at avoidance of their true feelings was undeniably realistic. The relationship that developed between them was natural, believable and felt completely genuine.

“The pull I feel is undeniable, like a tether holding my heart to his. He steps closer at the same time. It was only a few steps, but it may as well have been miles.”

A.M. Madden has written a colorful collection of characters. Each character has been defined and developed into a unique personality that plays an essential role in Jack and Leila’s story. Between the boys of Cliffhangers, Alisa and Lori, Leila’s best friends, and the men of Devil’s Lair, this book constantly had me laughing. Combine youth, fame, sexual tension and alcohol and you’re bound to have some fun. Man, can the author write a party! I demand an invitation to Jack’s next birthday party and any surprise party this crew plans in the future. Don’t even get me started on the witty banter and ridiculous declarations that come from this crazy group under the influence of alcohol.

“You know what. You’re like a vampire. You glamour me.”

If you like a good rockstar and a woman that can go toe-to-toe with him then the Back-Up series should definitely be on your radar. If you love to connect with characters and invest yourself in their stories then you need to join Jack and Leila on their journey. If you can appreciate some drunken antics and crave a good laugh with characters that feel like friends then you should hang out at The Zone. If you want to know what a CCDS smile is then what are you waiting for? Back-up is a one-click wonder!


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