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Title – Crazy Maybe
Author – A.D. Justice
Release Date – December 1, 2012
Genre – Adult Contemporary Romance

Crazy Maybe


Sometimes love isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s all you need.

Andi Stone is a strong, smart and independent woman, but that wasn’t always the case. Andi never knew what a “normal” life was like. Having been raised in foster care from the age of six after the death of her parents, Andi became emancipated at 16 after an especially horrible incident forced her into a psychiatric hospital.

Luke Woods, the family black sheep and street-brawler, is determined to be a successful professional boxer despite his family’s protests. He needs Andi’s help to get there. The wedge between him and his family over his past relationship issues and career choices is not easily overcome. Luke must learn to face his past mistakes and learn to trust again.

Fireworks and passions quickly ignite between Andi and Luke in the midst of the chaos that surrounds and threatens them. She never revealed the secrets and lies from her past, but when she publicly inherits her family fortune, the living, breathing past comes back to torment her and threatens all that she holds dear. Can their love for another survive the blows that their pasts continue to rain down on them?


There are so many reasons why I adore this story. A lot of it is just the overall feelings I had while I read it. Some of which I can’t quite put into words. This is a book about a fighter, a survivor and I’m not talking about Luke, who is gearing up for a career as a professional fighter. This is Andi’s story. Andi’s character is a testament to strength and the embodiment of courage. I was in awe of her and her ability to hold on to the good things in her life and work towards a better future despite the horrendous nightmare that is her past. She is different from what I have come to expect from “broken” characters. She doesn’t live in the past. Despite having lost her family, she has built herself a new one. She volunteers at a youth shelter and goes out with her friends like any other twenty-something. She lives in the positive and it isn’t until she is forced to face her demons that we even have a clue that her past holds such unfathomable secrets. I loved her voice. She felt natural and emotional throughout the entire book, but was also incredibly witty and fun. I would find myself feeling her pain one minute and then laughing out loud the next. A.D. Justice wrote a character I could actually envision existing, one that I would want to be best friends with.

“Shane grabs my hand and protectively pulls me to his side. I go willingly because I don’t want to be anywhere near Brad and I don’t want Shane and Will to get in trouble for killing him. He’s just not worth the trouble of the going all the way home to get my shovel, dig the hole and hide the body.”

Luke comes from a solid family and wants more than anything to fight professionally. His background is so different from Andi’s and despite their immediate attraction, you have to wonder how they will fit together. When he happens upon Andi at the gym we watch as his view of the world shifts and he must confront the heartbreak of his past that has left him untrusting of women and relationships. He messes up. A lot. Lucky for him he has Andi, who is unselfish and forgiving and manages to battle her own insecurities to show him that real love is hard work.

“That’s not even true – I can already see she has me beat, hands down, no contest, game over. I’m with you, Andi. I’m with you.”

The first half of the book focused on Andi and Luke, on their relationships with their families (biological and otherwise) and each other. There are so many players in their story that it takes a while to introduce them, to really get to know them and understand how they fit into the bigger picture.  This took some time and slowed the progression of the plot a bit. Despite the slow initial pace of the story, A.D. Justice was creating complex characters. She was constructing them, molding them and growing them. Understanding each character’s frame of mind and history was essential to how the story played out. Once I was into the second half of the book, it really took off. It was one intense moment after another. I couldn’t stop reading, I was desperate to know how these characters could possibly survive Andi’s past coming back to haunt them.

“I just find peace in sharing my thoughts and feelings through songs. The lyrics speak to me and I hope others can feel what I have a hard time putting into words.”

As Andi was forced to fight to keep her past from stealing her future I was right there with her. I could feel her sadness, her anger and her determination. A lot of this was because of the way A.D. Justice incorporated music into the story. Andi likes to sing karaoke and throughout the story she chooses her songs based on the current events of her life. Music is the ultimate expression of emotion and the music A.D. Justice chose transformed her words into an actual emotional experience for the reader. This story hits on some tough topics, but it does so delicately and with integrity. This is the first book I have read by this author and I have to applaud her for this beautiful story that caught me by surprise and made me a fan.




I’m With You – Avril Lavigne
Stupid Girls – Pink
Buttons – Pussycat Dolls
Beautiful With You – Halestorm
Familiar Taste of Poison – Halestorm
Crazy In Love – Beyonce
For My Sake – Shinedown
Just A Fool –  Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton
Umbrella – Rihanna
Indestructible – Disturbed
Gunpowder & Lead – Miranda Lambert
If Today Was Your Last Day – Nickelback

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Author Bio

A.D. Justice

A.D. Justice has been married for 25 years and has two wonderful sons in college. She is also an avid reader of romance novels and, to her amazement, a self-published author. A.D. enjoys reading many different types of romance books – including drama and suspense, crime and mystery, NA and YA, and contemporary and erotica.

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    You seem to have a knack for choosing to review books that sound so awesome!! I will be adding this to my ebook list very soon and will hopefully get to read this within a couple days!! So excited!

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