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Title – Acts of Desperation
Author – Emerson Shaw
Release Date – January 14, 2014

Acts of Desperation






What would you do when everything you love is threatened?

Sember Adler is a young attorney embarking on her career. When a case lands on her desk that hits too close home, Sember worries her inexperience could compromise the outcome, and failure isn’t an option. The situation appears hopeless, until the confident and magnetic, Jax Alexander arrives at her firm. Sparks instantly begin to fly, but where there is fire someone is bound to get burned.

Secrets threaten to kill and danger lurks in the shadows, but one thing is certain, you can’t trust a desperate man.

In an artful blend of suspense, romance, and revenge, Acts of Desperation barrels down a thrilling and twisted road in search of the one thing that evades everyone—the truth.


I really had to sit with this book for a while and figure out the way that I wanted to go about reviewing it. I don’t think I have ever struggled with how to write a review as much as I did with this one. That being said, it was really good, but there was a LOT being jammed into it. I almost wish the author would have created two volumes out of it rather than one big novel.

What I really loved, more than anything, was the bond of sisterhood that was prevalent in this story. The willingness that Sember had to go to bat and defend/protect Sarah was spot on. I have an older sister who always protected me; raised me officially from the time I was twelve. There is nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do for her (or her children). So when Shaw was describing these scenes with the two sisters, I often found myself nodding my head saying she nailed the emotions, the feelings, and the actions all on the head. That bond is something like no other and I’m glad that it was so accurately represented.

However, because of this theme of sisterhood, I sometimes couldn’t tell what the focus of the story was supposed to be or who it was supposed to be about. There were times that Sarah and her story was the complete focus. There were other times where I felt it was really Sember’s story about her life and what obstacles she was going through. The two are so intertwined that when I was getting all of one sister, I often wondered what was happening with the other. This is where I think the idea of two separate volumes would have been more beneficial and able to do the story a little bit more justice.

I also loved the chemistry between Jax and Sember. I wasn’t even in the same room and could feel the sexual tension! That’s how well done Shaw described these two characters. The feelings that they had for each other were clearly real and palpable. I had read the synopsis to the book and actually thought it would be more of a love story, but I quickly realized that while there was romance and some hot as heck scenes, the book was about a lot more than that. I appreciated seeing their struggles and real difficulties to finding what worked for them as a couple. Not to mention, I love how fiercely protective and loyal Jax was – one of my favorite qualities in a guy! He truly was the hero of the book for me.

Finally, the fact that this was based on true events was quite breathtaking. The fact that two women lived these lives sends chills down my spine, even almost 24 hours after finishing it. This is a tale of courage and bravery. It’s a story of the power and strength women are capable of. It’s not your run of the mill tale, but it’s Sember’s and Sarah’s. It’s their happily ever after – despite some terrible odds.



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Author Bio

Emerson Shaw was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She released her debut novel, Acts of Desperation, in January of 2014. It is a fast paced romantic thriller that was inspired by actual events. Read the inspiration behind her story at

When she is not writing, she focuses her time on being a good mother and wife. She is excited to be opening this new chapter of her life.

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