REVIEW – Twisted by K.A. Robinson


Title – Twisted
Author – K.A. Robinson
Series – Torn Series, #2



Love has the power to break through even the most twisted of circumstances.

In the second book in the bestselling Torn series by K.A. Robinson, Chloe and Drake have soldiered through a heartbreaking love triangle and are finally within reach of their happily ever after. Unfortunately, their demons have come out of the dark with a vengeance, looking to destroy them. Chloe’s abusive mother enters back into her life with an evil plot that sets off a chain of events no one could ever have anticipated. To add to their distress, a relentless, conniving ex reappears determined to tear the couple apart through any means necessary. The extra strain pushes Chloe and Drake to the brink, bringing out their greatest weaknesses and putting them up against old but powerful addictions.

The foundation on which their love was built is crumbling beneath them. What are they willing to give up in order to stay together?


While there were certain elements to this story that rubbed me in a difficult way, I gained a tremendous amount of respect for the author throughout Twisted. The dual viewpoints (which I tend to heavily favor in stories like this) really helped further this love along. Because Chloe and Drake are separated through much of this installment, I really would have been unsatisfied if I was not in on the head of both main characters. Now with the actual story – every time I thought that I couldn’t be put more the emotional ringer, sure enough – I was! There were times I literally asked myself if poor Chloe could handle anything else.

One thing (which did not affect my rating, but it did affect my experience) was the heavy presence of drugs. Through the synopsis, I did know that I would come across them. I did not, however, think that it would be in as vivid detail as it was. Coming from a background of dealing with similar situations to Chloe, it was really difficult for me to read about Drake’s drug usage and needing his fixes. It brought up memories for me that did create a greater disdain for Drake and a higher level of empathy and respect for Chloe. The moment Chloe had the strength to tell Drake it was her or the drugs, I threw a party in my head. I was so glad that Robinson wrote a strong female character who was not willing to compromise her values for a man – no matter how much she loved him. The fact that she maintained this integrity was such a boost for my reading experience, especially since I had a problem with her wishy-washy attitude in the first book.

The only thing I did not really like was such a huge absence of Amber and Logan. These are her Chloe’s best friends, and an integral part of Book 1, but they are severely lacking in this book. Because of how much they were a part of Torn, I was invested in them. Even though they were secondary characters, I was disappointed I didn’t get a little bit more of them and what they were doing, how they were, etc.

My favorite part was obviously the end. I thought it was a wonderful way to wrap up the book so that it was not a cliffhanger, but still leave room for a third in the series. Time is fast forwarded so we do miss a chunk of time (which book three fills in on). I’m excited to get my hands on the third book, Tainted, which was released a couple weeks ago and see just how everything is played out!



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